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he world in 1995 was a very dif­fer­ent place, in ways both sig­nif­i­cant and ba­nal. Most peo­ple didn’t have a ro­bust in­ter­net con­nec­tion, and no-one had heard of Mark Zucker­berg or Face­book (not so sur­pris­ing, given that he was 11 at the time PC Ad­vi­sor made its bow). Google, eBay, YouTube and Twit­ter were all well in the fu­ture, Mi­crosoft was on a roll and Ap­ple looked to be on its way down the plug hole.

How things have changed. The con­nected world of dig­i­tal mu­sic, movies and photos that we en­joy now would have been in­con­ceiv­able. Mo­bile com­put­ing was so far in the fu­ture that even lap­tops were the ex­cep­tion rather than the norm.

All these de­vel­op­ments have changed not only our tech­no­log­i­cal hori­zons, but also the way we live our lives and view the world at large. Some make our ex­is­tences bet­ter but, in other ar­eas, such progress has come at a cost. We’ve se­lected what we think are 10 of the most sig­nif­i­cant changes we’ve seen, and an­a­lysed their im­pact.

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