In­crease a smart­phone’s in-call vol­ume

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There’s no set­ting for it in the menu, but Chris Martin re­veals how to in­crease in-call vol­ume

So you’re hav­ing a phone call with some­one and they’re par­tic­u­larly quiet. It’s not a bad con­nec­tion though, it’s your phone. You’ve prob­a­bly searched through your smart­phone’s set­tings menu to find some kind of in-call con­trol or vol­ume slider, but you won’t have found one be­cause there isn’t one. In­stead, you will have found all kinds of other sound set­tings for things such as alarm vol­ume, no­ti­fi­ca­tion vol­ume and more.

It might seem odd but the real an­swer to your ques­tion is that you can’t ad­just in-call vol­ume un­til you’re con­nected on a phone call. When you are, no mat­ter whether you’re us­ing iOS, An­droid or Win­dows Phone, you sim­ply need to use the vol­ume but­tons/ rocker on the side of your de­vice to in­crease or de­crease the vol­ume. If you’re al­ready aware of this and you’re call vol­ume is at max­i­mum, then you’ve got a dif­fer­ent prob­lem. Re­view­ing so many phones, as we do, we’ve no­tices that some ear­pieces dra­mat­i­cally change in vol­ume with only a small move­ment while hold­ing it to your ear – so you might just need to take some time to find that ‘sweet spot’.

Once you’ve tried the above and the prob­lem is still on­go­ing, you might need to try an app. Search your re­spec­tive app store for a vol­ume booster and see which one works for you. Vol­ume Booster is pop­u­lar on An­droid, for ex­am­ple.

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