Iolo Sys­tem Me­chanic 14


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Sys­tem Me­chanic uses patented tech­nol­ogy to re­store speed, power and sta­bil­ity to your PC. It fixes er­rors, boosts per­for­mance, de­fends against in­fec­tions, and proac­tively pre­vents prob­lems from re­oc­cur­ring. This all-in-one so­lu­tion for com­plete PC op­ti­miza­tion also pro­vides online backup, re­cov­ers deleted files, se­curely wipes data, and in­cludes high-per­for­mance triple-cer­ti­fied an­tivirus pro­tec­tion that won’t slow you down. Ver­sion 14 con­tains new tech­nolo­gies that can pro­tect your PC from sta­bil­ity threats more pre­cisely and in­tel­li­gently than ever be­fore. These in­clude:

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