Tech Advisor - - GROUP TEST: BEST-SOUNDING SMARTPHONES - Speaker’s po­si­tion: Loud­ness rat­ing: Lows: Mids: Highs: Sound­stage: 8.5/10. 7.5/10.

Speaker qual­ity

We were im­pressed by the G3’s over­all vol­ume and its high-end fre­quency ex­ten­sion. How­ever, due to the de­sign, the speaker’s per­for­mance is lim­ited – when placed nor­mally on the ta­ble with its screen fac­ing up, the LG’s over­all loud­ness and clar­ity is re­duced.

The sin­gle back­ward-fir­ing speaker is lo­cated at the bot­tom left­hand cor­ner of the phone, which means au­dio is af­fected if you hold the phone in your right hand. On the plus side there was no dis­tor­tion, but in­stead there were small vi­bra­tions present through its metal­lic body de­sign.

When the screen is po­si­tioned up­ward, it blocks the speaker’s out­put, due to the de­sign of the back­plate be­ing curved. This means the vol­ume is re­duced to If, how­ever, the dis­play is face down, the LG G3’s sin­gle back­ward-fir­ing speaker achieves an im­pres­sive

We found the lows have a slight sub-bass ex­ten­sion, where its mid-bass is very faint and not that well con­trolled. This means the G3’s over­all low-end re­pro­duc­tion is rather dis­ap­point­ing.

Its mids take ad­van­tage of the weak mid-bass slam and are sur­pris­ingly good, with a good re­pro­duc­tion and sense of re­al­ism.

The LG G3’s highs are its stand­out fea­ture – they are re­ally well pre­sented and -ex­tended at the top end.

Its sound­stage could be a lit­tle wider, but on the plus side has a good depth to it, which equates to a fan­tas­tic tonal­ity and in­stru­ment sep­a­ra­tion.

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