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Sam­sung’s Galaxy S6 is fast, well built, has a gor­geous screen and the soft­ware isn’t overly in­tru­sive. The fin­ger­print scan­ner is vastly im­proved, the heart-rate scan­ner a po­ten­tial draw for some users, and the wire­less- and fast charg­ing are wel­come in­clu­sions. It’s a shame we’ve lost the re­mov­able bat­tery, wa­ter­proof­ing and mi­croSD sup­port, but th­ese are all things we can live with. Full re­view at

In­ter­nal sound qual­ity

The Galaxy S6 has a fan­tas­tic in­ter­nal au­dio out­put. The Wolf­son WM1840 pro­vides it with its unique meaty sound sig­na­ture, while re­main­ing ac­cu­rate and not overly V-shaped in its sound re­pro­duc­tion. The Sam­sung com­bines a lit­tle bit of ev­ery fre­quency, which works very well. It def­i­nitely wasn’t the best mid or high-tone fre­quency re­pro­duc­tion we tested, but the way it com­bines them all led us to give the Galaxy S6 a Rec­om­mended award.

Wolf­son Mi­cro­elec­tron­ics WM1840 DAC.

When used along­side an am­pli­fier, we were able to hear very min­i­mal in­ter­fer­ence, which oc­curred when on idle.

The Galaxy S6 was able to drive ev­ery­thing we threw at it. It was the most pow­er­ful of all the phones in this group test. Score: 55- to 60 per­cent

The Sam­sung has a fan­tas­tic sub-bass ex­ten­sion and a great mid-bass slam. We feel the mid-bass slam is slightly un­con­trolled, but its over­all re­pro­duc­tion of the lows is fan­tas­tic.

Its mids are a lit­tle pushed back, but by not such a great de­gree. We feel the mids are a lit­tle re­cessed and cre­ate a V-shaped sound to the phone’s in­ter­nal out­put. The Galaxy S6 has a warm and slightly more fun sound to it in com­par­i­son to the iPhone 6s or the Nexus 6P, which were both ex­cel­lent in their mid-range re­pro­duc­tion.

We found the highs to ex­tend well, and pro­vide a fan­tas­tic sparkle to the mu­sic we were lis­ten­ing to. Fur­ther­more, un­like other phones that had a good high-tone re­sponse, but sounded a lit­tle sibi­lant; we found the Galaxy S6 ex­tends well, with­out be­ing sibi­lant, which was a pleas­ant sur­prise.

As stated above, we feel the sound sig­na­ture is a lit­tle V-shaped. We found the in­stru­ment sep­a­ra­tion and tonal­ity to be good, but what re­ally stands out is its ac­cu­rate re­pro­duc­tion of the mu­sic, which was ex­tremely well re­ceived.

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