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Tech Advisor - - GROUP TEST: BEST-SOUNDING SMARTPHONES - Speaker’s po­si­tion: Loud­ness rat­ing: Lows: Mids: Highs: Score: 7/10

Speaker qual­ity

We’re happy with the per­for­mance of the Sony’s speak­ers, as they pro­duced a nice stereo sound that had a good em­pha­sis on the mids and highs. Un­for­tu­nately, the Xpe­ria Z5 falls short in the low-end depart­ment, where its bass is al­most nonex­is­tent. We’re very im­pressed with its sound­stage re­pro­duc­tion and in our tests it did a fan­tas­tic job in this depart­ment.

We en­joyed lis­ten­ing to its speak­ers due to its front-fac­ing po­si­tion. This makes it ex­cel­lent for watch­ing movies or play­ing games on your phone.

The Sony isn’t that loud, and leans to­wards the quiet side. It sits in the bot­tom half of how the other smart­phones per­formed. Dur­ing test­ing, there were no­tice­able vi­bra­tions at the back of the phone due to its full metal con­struc­tion. On the plus side there was no dis­tor­tion at max­i­mum vol­ume.

We feel the lows are the Xpe­ria Z5’s weak­est link, with al­most no sub-bass ex­ten­sion and very lit­tle mid-bass pres­ence. When com­pared to the other phones that had very lit­tle mid-bass pres­ence, the Sony at least had a good con­trol in its low-end tones.

The mids are very well pre­sented, where they sound for­ward and are ac­cu­rately rep­re­sented. We’re im­pressed by its mids, which are aided by the lack of a mid-bass pres­ence.

The highs are well ex­tended and pro­vide a good sparkle to mu­sic. We were im­pressed by how Sony was able to get the right level of high-end fre­quen­cies, with­out mak­ing them sound sibi­lant.

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