Move An­droid phone con­tacts

Marie Brewis ex­plains how to move your con­tacts to a new phone, even if you are us­ing a new SIM

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Back up con­tacts to Google

If you are moving from one An­droid phone to another, back­ing up your con­tacts to Google is the eas­i­est method for trans­fer­ring them to a new de­vice. Plus it has the added ben­e­fits of mak­ing those con­tacts avail­able on any de­vice you later up­grade to, and sav­ing them to Google’s servers in the event that you lose your phone.

Note that the var­i­ous cus­tom in­ter­faces for An­droid phones means the in­struc­tions will vary slightly by model, but all will be roughly the same as is out­lined below. • Open the Con­tacts or Peo­ple app on your phone • Look for a Set­tings menu, which may be un­der the head­ing More • Choose Im­port/Ex­port, which will likely be un­der Man­age con­tacts • Se­lect Ex­port, then se­lect to ex­port your con­tacts to the de­vice stor­age • The con­tacts will be stored as a vCard file, which you can ei­ther send to the new phone (over Blue­tooth or email) and fol­low the same process but im­port the vCard rather than ex­port it, or you can up­load it to your Google ac­count on­line. We’ll deal with the lat­ter • You will need to trans­fer that vCard file to a PC or lap­top, which­ever way works best. You could email it or trans­fer it over Blue­tooth, up­load it to (and then down­load it from) Google Drive, or sim­ply plug the phone into the PC us­ing a USB ca­ble and drag-and-drop the file • Head to­tacts and choose Im­port Con­tacts • Click Choose file to browse to the vCard now stored on your PC • Click Im­port • Th­ese con­tacts will now be saved on your Google ac­count and im­me­di­ately ac­ces­si­ble on any de­vice on which you are signed into that ac­count

If you are moving from iPhone to An­droid, you will need to sync your con­tacts to iCloud in the Set­tings and ex­port a vCard from there, or use a third-party app to man­age the trans­fer.

Back up con­tacts to SIM

• As above, open the Con­tacts or Peo­ple app on your phone • Look for a Set­tings menu, which may be un­der the head­ing More • Choose Im­port/Ex­port, which will likely be un­der Man­age con­tacts • Se­lect Ex­port, then set it to ex­port your con­tacts to the SIM card • Take out your SIM and pop it into the new phone, pro­vided that it is the same size slot as the one you are re­mov­ing it from • You may be prompted to choose whether or not you want to use SIM con­tacts; if so state yes

Use a third-party app to move from An­droid to An­droid or iPhone to An­droid

We’ve ex­plained how to trans­fer con­tacts di­rectly to a new phone or to your Google ac­count us­ing a vCard. Third-party apps do the same thing, but they sim­plify the process. One we’ve used in the past, and is ideal for trans­fer­ring con­tacts from An­droid to An­droid and from iPhone to An­droid, is MCBackup – My Con­tacts Backup. This is a free app, avail­able for both iPhone and An­droid. • Launch the App Store or Google Play • Search for and in­stall My Con­tacts Backup • Open the app and give it per­mis­sion to ac­cess your con­tacts when prompted • Tap the big green Backup but­ton • Tap the big blue Send but­ton • Se­lect an op­tion to send the file to your new de­vice. This will largely de­pend on what apps you have on your old phone, but as a guide we were of­fered Gmail, What­sApp, Mes­sages, Drop­box, Google Drive, Skype, OneNote, An­droid Beam, Blue­tooth and OneDrive • When you re­ceive the vCard file on your new phone, tap it to open it and choose Save. Al­ter­na­tively, im­port the vCard file via Con­tacts/Peo­ple, Set­tings, Man­age con­tacts, Im­port. You will not need to have MCBackup in­stalled on your new phone to im­port the con­tacts

Use soft­ware pre­in­stalled on the new phone

Some An­droid phones have soft­ware pre­in­stalled that sim­pli­fies the process of ex­tract­ing data, such as con­tacts, from your old phone. For ex­am­ple, Mo­torola of­fers Moto Mi­grate, which can trans­fer your con­tacts and other data from your old phone in just a few steps.

This will form part of the setup process on the new phone, and all you’ll need to do is fol­low the prompts. The phones will be con­nected via Blue­tooth, per­haps us­ing NFC to fa­cil­i­tate that pair­ing, then your pho­tos, videos, text his­tory, call his­tory and SIM con­tacts will be copied from one to the other. The older phone doesn’t need to be an An­droid phone or a smart­phone, but it does need to sup­port Blue­tooth.

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