Use the Check Disk fea­ture in Win­dows

Tech Advisor - - How To: Check Whether Your Pc’s Hard Drive Is Dyin -

Win­dows has long had a built-in disk analysing fea­ture called Check Disk (or chkdsk). This looks for er­rors, cor­rup­tion, and bad sec­tors on a drive that could be caus­ing prob­lems. It won’t tell you that a disk needs re­plac­ing, but if you run it reg­u­larly then you’ll see whether the amount of faults are ris­ing. It’s also just a use­ful tool to keep your drive in a healthy state.

To run Check Disk you need to open File Ex­plorer, se­lect This PC, then right-click on the drive you want to test. A pop-up menu will ap­pear at the bot­tom of which is Prop­er­ties.

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