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The mem­bers of the Ar­ran Ferry Com­mit­tee faced the pub­lic this week.

It is not a phrase we use of­ten and will not re­peat un­til this time next year. They deemed the pub­lic were worth 52 min­utes of their time in 2018 – be­fore shut­ting the doors on them as they left.

In this week’s Ban­ner, they re­count all the good they have done over the past year, but how oth­er­wise would we know? They meet in pri­vate, sel­dom speak in pub­lic and pub­lish their min­utes months af­ter their last meet­ing, when ev­ery­one has lost in­ter­est in what they were dis­cussing. The last pub­licly avail­able minute we have found is from April.

Apart from the In­de­pen­dent Trav­eller’s po­si­tion, the com­mit­tee is not elected so it is not sur­pris­ing that they have, rightly or wrongly, been ac­cused of self-in­ter­est in the past.

Un­sur­pris­ing, too, that by fail­ing to be ‘open and ac­count­able’, as is ex­pected in this day and age, they will be asked, as they were last Mon­day: ‘What is the use of this com­mit­tee and why do you bother?’

Why bother in­deed? Other ferry com­mit­tees meet in pub­lic, so why can’t Ar­ran? Any com­mer­cially sen­si­tive items could eas­ily be taken in pri­vate, just like any pub­lic body.

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