Satur­day Oc­to­ber 31, 1998

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Shift­ing sand

Sand may not be the most ex­cit­ing topic. Yet in the past its re­moval from Brod­ick beach got peo­ple pretty ex­cited. More re­cently res­i­dents of San­nox and Cor­rie were fired up about the sand quarry at San­nox. Now we hear that Ar­ran’s other main quarry could be closed at the end of the month.

Bob Had­dow who runs the quarry at Ivy Cot­tage said that the lease is run­ning out and landowner Charles Fforde will not re­new it. It was 15 years ago that Mr Had­dow’s sand ex­trac­tion was moved to Ivy Cot­tage. This ap­peared to end the con­tro­versy over tak­ing sand from Brod­ick beach which was con­sid­ered a main cause of ero­sion. As well as sand for build­ing use Mr Had­dow uses it for his Scot­sand wa­ter fil­tra­tion com­pany, tak­ing it far and wide, in­clud­ing the Mid­dle East.

Mr Fforde has now in­di­cated that he wishes to re­in­state and land­scape the land at Ivy Cot­tage and Mr Had­dow is con­sid­er­ing mov­ing his op­er­a­tion to Dougarie where stud­ies have shown that a sand quarry could be con­structed.

Road rage

Ar­ran’s roads are a con­stant source of com­plaint. Too nar­row, fall­ing away at the edges, too many pot­holes. With this in mind Coun­cil­lor John Sil­lars made a pro­posal on roads at the North Ayr­shire Coun­cil area com­mit­tee on Mon­day. The aim is to have a full re­view of present con­di­tions and full cost­ing of all nec­es­sary re­me­dial work.

Most no­tice­able to or­di­nary mo­torists are the pot­holes. On Tues­day Mr Sil­lars told the com­mu­nity coun­cil that pot­holes tend to reap­pear quickly be­cause only cold tar is used to fill them in, hot tar be­ing un­avail­able be­cause it cools on the ferry jour­ney over. Now he ex­plained, a new ma­te­rial is be­ing de­vel­oped which can be used cold but has the strength and per­for­mance of hot tar. If tests are suc­cess­ful it could be that Ar­ran’s roads would be a sig­nif­i­cant ben­e­fi­ciary.

Record rain­fall

Be­tween Fri­day Oc­to­ber 16 and Tues­day Oc­to­ber 27, 330mm (ap­prox 13 inches) of rain fell on Brod­ick. This should be set against an an­nual rain­fall of roughly 75 inches. Thus al­most 20 per cent of the an­nual rain fell in just over a week. In other words about one fifth of the year’s rain came in one 13th of the time.

Any day with in ex­cess of 70mm is rare and, Nigel Price tells us, this has only hap­pened twice in the last 10 years. Yet it also hap­pened twice in the last week. Tony Smith who keeps records in Whit­ing Bay, found that Fri­day 16 was much wet­ter than Thurs­day 22. Oc­to­ber tends to be a wet month but those fig­ures are the wettest he has seen on Ar­ran.


Lam­lash Tennis Cham­pi­ons of 1998, left to right, Sally Brookes, Tim Keen and Camp­bell Seaton and, seated, Chris Jack­son, Au­drey McCrone and Eleanor Muir­head.


Julie Gurr, Garry Stevens, Paul Jor­dan and Ivan Sim­monds have been hard at work on the Goat­fell path – the first of six ma­jor foot­path im­prove­ments in a £135,000 pro­gramme be­ing un­der­taken by Scot­tish Con­ser­va­tion Projects.


Fred and Liz Wood in the lounge of their ex­ten­sively flood dam­aged Glenisle Ho­tel which sur­vey­ors es­ti­mate will cost near to £400,000 to rec­tify.


Still main­tain­ing a sense of hu­mour, this sign ap­peared warn­ing vis­i­tors that a bridge had been washed away in the re­cent flood­ing.


Res­i­dents, or­gan­i­sa­tions and teams of clean­ers have been seen across Ar­ran re­pair­ing and clean­ing up the dam­age from the two floods on Fri­day Oc­to­ber 16 and Thurs­day Oc­to­ber 22.

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