The Business Year Special Report : 2020-07-09

Interview : 16 : 16


16 Special Report Kuwait: Resilience & Management in times of Crisis INTERVIEW While recognizin­g the setbacks of 2020, AYLG is confident that the challenges will eventually lead to better outcomes for Kuwait’s economy thanks to changes in political and economic mindsets. MANAGING PARTNER AL YAQOUT LEGAL GROUP (AYLG) ✖ BIO Khalifah Al Yaqout is the managing partner of Al Yaqout and Al Fouzan Legal Group. He is a lawyer and arbitrator licensed to practice before the courts of various degrees in Kuwait, as well as various local and internatio­nal arbitratio­n institutio­ns. Al Yaqout has also succeeded in leading a number of delegation­s in various internatio­nal forums, including heading the Kuwaiti delegation to the United Nations Council and the US Department of Commerce in 2019. Furthermor­e, he is a wellknown internatio­nal speaker on various legal and commercial issues featured at internatio­nal legal and business conference­s regularly. the region’s ability to recover

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