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Woman left ter­ri­fied in her own bed by burglar

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A MUM was left ter­ri­fied in her own home af­ter wak­ing to find a burglar lurk­ing in her bed­room while “off his face”.

The vic­tim had gone to bed while her part­ner was snooz­ing on the sofa and their two young chil­dren were also asleep.

When the woman woke to see a fig­ure stand­ing over her, she ini­tially thought it was her part­ner but was hor­ri­fied and “hys­ter­i­cal” to see it was stranger Ed­ward Brown, who had smashed his way into the house in Blyth.

The woman, who at­tended New­cas­tle Crown Court to read out her vic­tim im­pact state­ment, said: “My home has al­ways been a safe place, but this has now been taken away from me.

“It left me sick­ened some­body thought they had the right to en­ter my prop­erty and take from us.

“I con­tinue to wake up with the fear of see­ing some­one stand­ing over the side of my bed.

“To have my nine-year-old wake up to the sound of me scream­ing is some­thing which will stay with him for a long time and with me for­ever.”

While the items stolen were

re­cov­ered, she said their emo­tional and psy­cho­log­i­cal se­cu­rity can­not be re­placed.

The woman added: “This per­son has no right to take this away from me. It will be a long time be­fore me and my fam­ily feel safe again.” Her part­ner added: “This has been a happy home for three years but this has changed ev­ery­thing.

“It is not the things which were taken but the fact this man has walked round the house while my part­ner was sleep­ing and I am con­cerned he may have gone into the chil­dren’s bed­rooms as well.”

The break-in took place at the fam­ily home on Thor­ney­burn Way, Blyth, on Oc­to­ber 15 this year.

At around 10.30pm the mum went to bed and her chil­dren, aged nine and 15 months, were asleep while her part­ner had dozed off on the sofa.

Peter Schofield, pros­e­cut­ing, said: “What then took place in the next 20 or 30 min­utes is the de­fen­dant came into the back gar­den area, smashed the door of the pa­tio ex­ten­sion and wan­dered into the house.

“He went up­stairs and into the bed­room where the com­plainant was.

“She was aware, vaguely, of a shape which she thought was her part­ner. She quickly re­alised it was not him.”

Brown said: “I’m drunk, I’m drunk” and left the bed­room and went down­stairs.

A neigh­bour saw Brown us­ing a pole to break in and rang the po­lice, who quickly caught him. Items he had stolen, in­clud­ing car keys, a lawn­mower and a box of pens, were re­cov­ered.

He claimed he thought he had gone to a friend’s house.

Brown, 44, of no fixed ad­dress but of Blyth, has 37 previous con­vic­tions, in­clud­ing two for burglary, one for at­tempted burglary, two for con­spir­acy to sup­ply heroin, pos­ses­sion with in­tent to sup­ply a class A drug and be­ing con­cerned in the sup­ply of a Class A drug. He pleaded guilty to burglary and was sen­tenced to 16 months in prison and given an in­def­i­nite re­strain­ing or­der to stay away from the street where the vic­tims live. Richard Bloom­field, de­fend­ing, said: “He had taken temazepam and, as it is of­ten said, he was off his face.” Mr Bloom­field added Brown “felt re­ally hor­ri­ble for what he had done.”

It left me sick­ened some­body thought they had the right to en­ter my prop­erty and take from us.


 ??  ?? Ed­ward Brown, who bur­gled a fam­ily home in Blyth
Ed­ward Brown, who bur­gled a fam­ily home in Blyth

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