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SINCE find­ing out about the ex­is­tence of ‘Oper­a­tion Bass­wood’, Laura has been de­ter­mined to find out ex­actly what it is.

She might be sit­ting at the big swanky board­room ta­ble of the Dry­den Com­mis­sion, but there are clearly se­cret plans be­ing made and con­ver­sa­tions go­ing on that she has no idea about.

So she de­cides to use her charms on Pro­fes­sor Neil Som­mer to see what she can learn.

Laura is al­ready com­mit­ted to the Pro-Synth cause, and that’s re­in­forced even more when daugh­ter Mat­tie re­turns home, bringing Leo home with her.

They’re all shocked to see him re­turn, on ac­count of him ba­si­cally be­ing in a coma for a year and nearly dy­ing and all, but also happy.

Well, Laura is ner­vous and re­luc­tant, but daugh­ter Mat­tie talks her round. And now that Leo is tech­ni­cally hu­man, it looks like there could well be more to his and Mat­tie’s re­la­tion­ship.

The Hawkins are a rar­ity when it comes to hu­mans ac­cept­ing Synths though – as Mia finds out when she tries to rent a flat. Her plan is to prove that the two species can in­te­grate and co-ex­ist peace­fully, but her new neigh­bours quite clearly dis­agree. As does Agnes, the fiery lit­tle rebel synth, who – over at the rai­l­yard – is chal­leng­ing Max’s author­ity, es­pe­cially af­ter Laura ap­proaches him with a dar­ing new plan.

Con­sid­er­ing Max has al­ready re­fused en­try to a group of refugee Synths, Agnes isn’t happy to hear he’s think­ing about open­ing their home turf to hu­mans…

Mat­tie re­turns home and brings Leo with her Mia is try­ing to prove that two species can ex­ist to­gether

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