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5G is short for ‘fifth gen­er­a­tion mo­bile net­works’.

It is the fifth gen­er­a­tion of mo­bile net­works (with a mo­bile net­work be­ing what we use to call, text and – when not con­nected to a Wi-Fi net­work – get on­line).

But it’s set to be faster than pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions, and unlike 4G it could open up whole new uses.

First-gen­er­a­tion net­works were in­tro­duced in the 1980s – they were ana­logue and only carried voice.

In the ‘90s, 2G (or sec­ond gen­er­a­tion) phones launched and they were dig­i­tal, in­tro­duc­ing new fea­tures like text mes­sages and pic­ture mes­sages.

The early 2000s ush­ered in 3G (third gen­er­a­tion) which started to in­clude video call­ing and mo­bile data.

Ten years later we saw 4G, and these net­works and phones were de­signed to sup­port mo­bile in­ter­net and higher speeds for ac­tiv­i­ties like video stream­ing and gam­ing.

Now, net­works are chang­ing again and 5G is set to land soon.

Some coun­tries such as South Korea, China, Ja­pan and the US are claim­ing they will launch 5G net­works later this year or early next. How­ever, in the UK roll­out isn’t set to be­gin un­til late 2019 or 2020, ac­cord­ing to the Govern­ment’s 5G strat­egy and state­ments from net­work op­er­a­tors.

Even then, that’s just when net­works will start to roll out 5G, so we might not see wide­spread 5G cov­er­age in the UK un­til 2022 or later.

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