Just how many trees are there?

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RE­CENTLY you re­ported that New­cas­tle City Coun­cil claimed that the City had one mil­lion trees.

They also said they were in­creas­ing tree cover by 19.1% with 19,000 trees.

But wait a minute, in their Tree Strat­egy Re­port, they said the City al­ready had 18.1% tree cover.

Us­ing sim­ple maths, this im­plies the ex­ist­ing num­ber of

trees is only 181,000.

Pre­vi­ously, the coun­cil claimed the city had 800,000 trees.

So how many trees has New­cas­tle ac­tu­ally got? And what pro­por­tion are pri­vately owned in peo­ple’s gar­dens?

How can the coun­cil have a cred­i­ble Tree Strat­egy, if it doesn’t know how many trees it’s got, where they are lo­cated and who owns what?


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