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I was pretty shocked to read re­cently the re­port that traces of co­caine can now be found in UK tap wa­ter due to its use be­ing so wide­spread. Of course Pub­lic Health Eng­land did ad­vise that the trace amounts ‘aren’t dan­ger­ous’ but it brings into ques­tion yet again whether our tap wa­ter is re­ally OK to drink – es­pe­cially when we are told that we should be drink­ing at least eight glasses a day.

I’ve been ag­o­nis­ing for years over the best wa­ter fil­tra­tion sys­tem look­ing at jug fil­ters, re­verse os­mo­sis fil­ters, mag­netic de­vices and even dis­tilled wa­ter. I wish I had the de­fin­i­tive but in truth I’m still re­search­ing. I’ll share my re­cent find with you.

It’s a struc­tured wa­ter unit – what does that mean, I hear you ask? Well I’m told that struc­tured wa­ter units work at molec­u­lar level to al­low wa­ter to clean it­self and re­bal­ance as na­ture in­tended.

The fluid wa­ter unit was de­vised by Clay­ton Nolte, a physi­cist. It is a mul­ti­ple vor­tex and through spe­cially tuned ge­om­e­try the wa­ter spins and flows in both di­rec­tions si­mul­ta­ne­ously at mul­ti­ple times. Wa­ter is the ‘ma­chine’, so there are no mov­ing parts. The wa­ter cleans and struc­tures it­self. The units re­quire NO fil­ters, NO chem­i­cals, NO salts, NO mag­nets, NO elec­tric­ity, NO me­chan­i­cal parts, NO main­te­nance.

The man­u­fac­tur­ers ex­plain it rather po­et­i­cally by point­ing out that if you pour a gal­lon of wa­ter from the top of a moun­tain, then col­lect at the bot­tom, the wa­ter is ‘struc­tured’ and free from mem­ory.

The main con­tin­gent of struc­tured wa­ter is life force en­ergy and that life force en­ergy comes down to the mol­e­cule it­self. They claim that struc­tured wa­ter has a life force en­ergy and can en­ter a cell to deliver oxy­gen which ig­nites the hy­dro­gen that the cell and body needs. Struc­tured wa­ter can in­crease the ab­sorp­tion of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als, med­i­ca­tions and other sup­ple­ments.

Even more po­et­i­cally, they say: “The struc­tured wa­ter pro­duces bio-pho­tons (light) there­fore res­onates at the same vi­bra­tional fre­quency as ‘Love’ (528 HZ).”

Wow – has to be worth a try!

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