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The Prayer Book So­ci­ety is a char­ity you may not have heard of. It has no great pub­lic pro­file and mil­lions of pounds do not cross its thresh­old but like many of Bri­tain’s smaller char­i­ties it works be­hind and some­times in front of the scenes for an im­por­tant cause.

So what is a char­ity con­nected with Church ser­vices do­ing th­ese days and why does it mat­ter – even if you never go to a church?

The Prayer Book So­ci­ety tries to pro­tect The Book of Com­mon Prayer, the Church of Eng­land’s ser­vice book, which is com­ing up for 350 years old. It’s the only place where Church doc­trine can be found, its words and phrases are dig­ni­fied; they read aloud well, they are beau­ti­ful, while talk­ing straight and not fudg­ing the eter­nal is­sues. They are scrip­tural and don’t try to cover up the fact that hu­man beings are a sin­ful lot and need help. But this fine Book is fall­ing into dis­use of­ten re­placed by sad mis­guided trans­la­tions like plas­tic fol­low­ing gold.

If you use the Prayer Book don’t take it for granted; your grand­chil­dren may not have it around to in­spire them or to help them when they need its wis­dom. If you aren’t a reg­u­lar church­goer maybe, like many, you have a copy ti­died away some­where you might blow the dust off and ex­plore. If you haven’t, try look­ing up Prayer Book in a dictionary of quo­ta­tions and you will be amazed to dis­cover that you have prob­a­bly been us­ing phrases from the Prayer Book ev­ery day with­out re­al­is­ing their ori­gin.

Whether you think it im­por­tant for faith or whether you think it un­der­pins our lan­guage we in­vite you to find out more about us and per­haps join the many fa­mous peo­ple who al­ready sup­port our lit­tle so­ci­ety with a big cause. For more in­for­ma­tion should you wish to join the Prayer Book So­ci­ety please

con­tact Ian Wood­head on 01380 870 384 or the So­ci­ety of­fice on 011898 42 582 or e

mail at­ or web­site

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