Get­ting old? It’s worth mak­ing a huge noise about it

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Andy Mur­ray said: “As you get older, things are a lit­tle bit tougher to man­age than they are when you’re younger”, af­ter self­ishly suc­cumb­ing to an ag­o­nis­ing hip prob­lem and not go­ing on to win Wim­ble­don. He is 30. Those of us who are not world-class sports­peo­ple may take heart from this.

If some­one trained to peak phys­i­cal fit­ness starts feel­ing his age af­ter 30, there is no shame in the rest of us notic­ing changes in our ev­ery day lives to com­pen­sate for get­ting on a bit.

Such as get­ting frac­tious if a tea or cof­fee is not pro­vided at a cer­tain time.

I re­mem­ber be­ing quite shocked at my mother’s in­sis­tence on a mid-morn­ing cof­fee wher­ever we hap­pened to be or what­ever we were do­ing.

She would snap at any­one who sug­gested she might wait half an hour. Blimey, I used to think, she must be ad­dicted. Now, if I don’t have ac­cess to a cup of tea within min­utes of wak­ing, my day is ru­ined.

Sim­i­larly, my one cup of strong, black “proper” cof­fee must be taken be­fore lunch and af­ter the third tea. Or else.

Also, mak­ing strange “oooomph” sounds at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals, usu­ally when bend­ing down or ris­ing from a low seat.

I have no­ticed it re­cently when get­ting in and out of my car, much to my sur­prise.

The first cou­ple of times it hap­pened, I ac­tu­ally looked over my shoul­der to see where the noise was com­ing from be­fore re­al­is­ing it was com­ing from me.

Next up, spend­ing huge amounts of time faffing with read­ing glasses.

As a for­mer non-wearer of specs, I con­stantly for­get I need them, so go through the palaver of look­ing at la­bels on clothes, food pack­ag­ing etc, do­ing very bad swear­ing when I re­alise I can’t see what they say, then search­ing the top of my head, in my hand­bag and on var­i­ous house­hold ap­pli­ances for a pair.

And start­ing to fan­ta­sise about be­ing asleep in bed even as you are get­ting ready for a night out, es­pe­cially if you have a good book on the go.

Wel­come to my world, Andy.

Blimey, I used to think. She must be ad­dicted

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