Who’s the ba­nana?

The Courier & Advertiser (Dundee Edition) - - COMMENT -

“My wife’s 12-year-old Ford Ka – the Ba­nana we call it be­cause it is bright yel­low – ac­quired a flat tyre the other day,” writes a Craigie reg­u­lar.

“I looked at it doubt­fully for a mo­ment or two, then started think­ing about chang­ing the wheel. A thor­ough search made it ob­vi­ous the wheel and jack were not in the boot, but un­der the car. I was even more doubt­ful then, at my ad­vanced age.

“I fetched two tyre-pumps, one op­er­ated by foot and the other by con­nect­ing it to the car bat­tery. Nei­ther made any im­pres­sion on the tyre.

“Luck­ily, we have a tyre re­pair garage only half-a-mile away and I took the car down there.

“The man­ager phoned up later to say the flat tyre was OK, but he had found some­thing wrong with the wheel and had re­paired that. Un­for­tu­nately, he had dis­cov­ered that it would be wise to re­place the two rear tyres as they were the orig­i­nal 12-year-old tyres (how did he know that?). Although the treads were le­gal, the walls were dicey and could cause a blow-out any time.

“How­ever, on such a small car, he could of­fer two new tyres at £27 each and, with the re­pair to the front wheel and men’s time, the to­tal bill would be only £111.

“I was won­der­ing aloud whether the old banger was worth it, when the man­ager said: ‘I think you could give the old lady another chance.’

“I thought: ‘That’s a bit cheeky, talk­ing about my wife like that,’ then I re­alised he was talk­ing about the car!

“Now the old Ba­nana (I’m still talk­ing about the car) is back on the road with a re­paired front wheel func­tion­ing per­fectly and two brand-new tyres on the back. I hope she ap­pre­ci­ates it and is good for another few years’ ster­ling ser­vice although she has some mileage on her and been round the block a few times (I still mean the car!).”

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