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PRE­PAR­ING THENETTLES Tools: gloves (again)

Large pan of boil­ing wa­ter Colan­der Cold wa­ter tap Food pro­ces­sor NET­TLE GNOCCHIWITH BLUE CHEESE SAUCE Serves 6-8 Net­tles have a won­der­ful smell and a sweet, del­i­cate taste that is com­ple­mented by the salty blue cheese.

We chose our favourite blue cheese for this sauce, but any cheese will do. If you are feed­ing it to chil­dren, sell it as “green mac and cheese”, sub­sti­tut­ing a Ched­dar cheese sauce for the blue cheese. Al­ter­na­tively, you could eat the gnoc­chi with a tomato-based sauce.

Make sure you use enough flour to stop the gnoc­chi stick­ing, oth­er­wise your hands will end up look­ing like those of Fun­gus the Bo­gey­man.

Don’t be pre­cious about how the dumplings look: half the fun is play­ing with the dough balls and get­ting messy. 1lb/450g net­tles (about one full su­per­mar­ket bag, blanched, drained and chopped) 3lb/1.3kg peeled pota­toes 2 eggs ½ tsp grated nut­meg Salt and pep­per 1½-2 cups flour knob of but­ter Cook the pota­toes in boil­ing wa­ter un­til ten­der. Drain well then mash thor­oughly, un­til as smooth as pos­si­ble. Com­bine the warm mashed pota­toes with the eggs, nut­meg, salt and pep­per. Add the net­tle mix­ture. Lightly mix to­gether. Add the flour un­til the dough comes to­gether and shape into a big ball that is barely sticky on the out­side. On a floured sur­face, pick off inch-di­am­e­ter balls and roll them into small grub-shaped lengths and pinch in the mid­dle with a fork. Keep on a floured sur­face un­til all the gnoc­chi are made. When ready to serve, cook the dumplings in boil­ing salted wa­ter un­til they rise to the sur­face. Strain and toss with but­ter. For the sauce: 7oz/200g Cashel Blue cheese 1-2fl oz/30-55ml of milk Melt the cheese in a pan and mix in the milk un­til the con­sis­tency is of white sauce.

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