Grilled corn cobs with maple syrup and ba­con crum­ble

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Serves 4

Sticky and a lit­tle charred, this is one of my favourite bar­be­cue side dishes and is al­ways a hit with chil­dren. I sug­gest mak­ing ex­tra. — 4 large corn on the cob, outer leaves re­moved — 200g dry-cured smoked streaky ba­con rash­ers, rind re­moved

— 4-6 tbsp maple syrup — 60g but­ter, melted Ahead of light­ing the bar­be­cue, bring a large pan of wa­ter to the boil, then add the corn. Bring back to the boil and cook for one minute. Drain and set the cobs to one side.

Place a large fry­ing pan over a low-medium heat and lay the ba­con rash­ers in it. Cook them slowly, un­til darker red and crisp – about 15 min­utes – then place them on kitchen pa­per to ab­sorb any ex­cess fat. Ei­ther break the crisp rash­ers into shards or chop them. Set aside in a warm place.

When the bar­be­cue is ready, place the corn on the grill and cook for a few min­utes, turn­ing the cobs. As they be­gin to brown, brush with maple syrup – this will caramelise quickly, so keep turn­ing them. Once browned, re­move from the grill and stick a fork into each end to make them easy to eat.

Put on a plate, then spoon over some melted but­ter, more maple syrup and some of the ba­con crum­ble. Sea­son, and eat them warm.

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