I took BT to court for in­ter­net er­rors

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Last year we were per­suaded by BT Busi­ness to switch our broad­band ser­vice from our res­i­den­tial line to our busi­ness one. We were promised a faster and bet­ter ser­vice.

On the day of the switch the speed was half what it had been pre­vi­ously so we can­celled the move well within the cool­ing-off pe­riod.

I tele­phoned BT re­quest­ing that the broad­band be put back on to the res­i­den­tial line.

I was forced to take a new con­tract and had to pay for an­other hub.

A bill then ar­rived that I was told was for the busi­ness broad­band. I was ad­vised it would be can­celled. It wasn’t and then the broad­band was dis­con­nected. STEPHEN HAR­RIS, WAR­WICK­SHIRE.

Four days af­ter I con­tacted BT the broad­band was re­con­nected, hav­ing been out of ac­tion for three weeks. You also re­ceived a credit note for var­i­ous money taken to­talling £543.

How­ever, BT said it would not com­pen­sate you for the lack of broad­band, which you cal­cu­lated pre­cisely at £142.

I went back to BT, but to no avail. Af­ter months of this you be­gan the process of tak­ing your case through the small claims court.

Three weeks af­ter the pa­pers were served, BT ar­ranged to re­fund the full claim value. This cov­ers £24 for loss of broad­band for three weeks, £25 for tele­phone calls to BT, £61 for the hub and its de­liv­ery and £32 for mo­bile data from an­other provider. With £25 for court fees this came to £167 in all.

You did this on­line and say you did not dare to risk in­clud­ing out-of-pocket ex­penses, which in­cluded £150 for 15 hours of your time, £5 for postage for eight let­ters, and en­velopes, pa­per and print­ing at £2.

Over the months, I called BT about your case at least 10 times.

How dis­ap­point­ing it is that only when pushed into a cor­ner did BT pay your main claim. You say you re­gret not hav­ing had a day in court. as mine. Some­one I know ad­vised me to get in touch with you. MR, LON­DON

You then had a third dis­con­cert­ing let­ter.

I spoke to TV Li­cens­ing and it quickly traced the pay­ment.

It says there was a prob­lem in the data­base to do with your ad­dress.

It has tweaked this now. It would like to apol­o­gise to you for caus­ing this con­cern.

TV Li­cens­ing has told you to ig­nore any fur­ther let­ters. You now also have writ­ten con­fir­ma­tion that your fee has been re­ceived.

I also asked it how some­one in your po­si­tion, who does not use the in­ter­net, can ap­proach it to re­solve a mat­ter such as this be­fore things get out of hand.

The num­ber to ring is 0300 790 6071.

Three sets of op­tions would need to be ini­tially nav­i­gated, each time tak­ing the “any­thing else” one and then, in a fourth round, choos­ing “all other in­quiries”.

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