Ex­tra En­ergy owes me £1,315

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In 2015 I ap­plied to move my dual fuel elec­tric­ity and gas ac­count to Ex­tra En­ergy.

Ex­tra En­ergy started tak­ing di­rect debit pay­ments of £143 a month to cover both gas and elec­tric­ity.

Then I dis­cov­ered that the gas sup­ply was still be­ing sup­plied by my pre­vi­ous sup­plier, which had trans­ferred me to its stan­dard tar­iff. I im­me­di­ately no­ti­fied Ex­tra En­ergy that it had made an er­ror and the gas sup­ply had not come over to it.

The other sup­plier gave me the iden­ti­fy­ing num­ber for my gas me­ter, which I passed on to Ex­tra En­ergy but it did not act on this in­for­ma­tion. The con­se­quences of this are on­go­ing. AN­DREW JOHN­STON, NOTTS

Ex­tra En­ergy had taken over an­other per­son’s gas ac­count rather than yours in a mis­take known as an er­ro­neous trans­fer.

There then fol­lowed months of emails, calls and let­ters, which were not re­sponded to ad­e­quately.

A year be­fore you wrote to me you con­tacted the om­buds­man. Dur­ing the lengthy process you moved your sup­ply back to your pre­vi­ous provider.

The om­buds­man ruled that Ex­tra En­ergy should bill you for elec­tric­ity con­sumed, re­fund the credit bal­ance that had come about in re­spect of the gas and com­pen­sate you for the £442 ex­tra you had paid the other provider be­cause the gas had been charged at its stan­dard rate.

Also it said Ex­tra En­ergy should waive the £25 can­cel­la­tion charge and pay £50 for good­will.

Still Ex­tra En­ergy did not send an elec­tric­ity in­voice. Nor did it re­im­burse you prop­erly. You alerted the om­buds­man and it asked Ex­tra En­ergy to com­ply with the orig­i­nal rul­ing and pay you an ad­di­tional £100.

Later Ex­tra En­ergy and the om­buds­man came back say­ing that all was re­solved. In fact you had still only had £41 of the £442 owed for the other sup­plier’s gas rates and £87 of the £873 Ex­tra En­ergy had taken for gas you hadn’t used. Only af­ter my in­volve­ment did you re­ceive the money owed. of un­pick­ing to be done by Com­put­er­share. You have been very pa­tient.

Com­put­er­share is waiv­ing your £58 fee to con­sol­i­date the share cer­tifi­cates in recog­ni­tion of the mud­dle caused to you. The share­hold­ings have also been merged.

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