Has Lit­tle Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion missed the point a lit­tle?

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Lit­tle Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion was feel­ing bored. She needed to get the wrong end of the stick be­cause, well, that is what she does. It was sev­eral days since she had plunged her po­lit­i­cal party into chaos af­ter she’d con­tra­dicted the lead­er­ship on the de­sir­abil­ity of a post-brexit cus­toms union.

Oh dear, Lit­tle Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion. It was sev­eral months since she plunged her po­lit­i­cal party into chaos af­ter she won­dered aloud on BBC Ques­tion Time why child­min­ders weren’t paid the same as bankers. Oh no, Lit­tle Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion. And it was sev­eral years since she’d re­signed from her po­lit­i­cal party’s front bench af­ter send­ing a snob­bish tweet along­side a photo of a ter­raced house with three Eng­land flags and a white van parked out­side.

For pity’s sake, Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion! Any­way, Lit­tle Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion (whose nom de guerre was Emily Thorn­berry, Labour MP for Is­ling­ton South and Fins­bury) de­cided to take a leaf from her own book and get in a dread­ful wrong-headed mud­dle about Lit­tle Miss chil­dren’s sto­ries.

Now, it so hap­pened that a univer­sity study, which is to say a study that was car­ried out not at school or big school, or even big big school, but at big, big, BIG mill­stoned­with-debt-for-years-af­ter school, had al­ready an­a­lysed the books and found them to be sex­ist and stereo­typ­i­cal.

And of course if Lit­tle Miss Ap­pre­hen­sion had just said that, it would have been en­tirely cor­rect. But she needed to get the wrong end of the stick be­cause that is what she does.

So she an­nounced that the “Lit­tle” in the ti­tle made women seem “lesser” than the Mr Men. Be­ing called “Lit­tle” made the char­ac­ters sound less pow­er­ful, although I think Lit­tle Mix would dis­agree re­ally very a lot.

But ac­tu­ally, when you think about it, Lit­tle Miss char­ac­ters are silly be­cause they are lit­tle misses.

When they are grown up Misses, Mrs and Ms-es, things will be very dif­fer­ent in­deed.

Mr Men, on the other hand, are silly be­cause they are men.

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