If iphones aren’t built for women, why on earth do we still buy them?

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It’s one of those mo­ments that make your blood boil. I had paid sev­eral hun­dred pounds for a fancy new desk – one where the sur­face would mo­tor up and down so that I could write while stand­ing or sit­ting – waited weeks for de­liv­ery, lugged its ab­surdly heavy pieces up five floors, tried to as­sem­ble it, bad­gered my hus­band to as­sem­ble it, and then sat down for the first time and found it was too tall.

Even in its low­est pos­si­ble po­si­tion, it forced me to sit ei­ther so that my el­bows were bent un­com­fort­ably up­wards or my legs were dan­gling from my chair. I am an av­er­age-height woman. It was plain, there­fore, that the desk was de­signed with only men in mind.

So I have some idea of the rage ap­par­ently felt by var­i­ous fem­i­nist cam­paign­ers over the launch of the new iphone X-what­ever, which will be avail­able only in a large size. Caro­line Cri­ado-perez, who cam­paigned to in­stall the Mil­li­cent Fawcett statue in Par­lia­ment Square, com­plained that large iphones give her repet­i­tive stain in­jury.

“We should be fu­ri­ous about this. We are pay­ing just as much money for it as men for a prod­uct that doesn’t work as well for us,” she said. “Soon there will be no iphone that fits the av­er­age woman’s hand size.” She might have to make do with a phone that

It was plain that my new desk had been de­signed with only men in mind

is “two years out of date”, she added.

I’m torn. I’m torn be­tween shar­ing that feel­ing of rage when­ever com­pa­nies act as if male bod­ies are the de­fault (as in seat­belt-test­ing or med­i­cal stud­ies) and my con­tempt for peo­ple so ob­sessed with Ap­ple prod­ucts that they think it is some kind of hu­man rights vi­o­la­tion when the lat­est re­lease doesn’t suit them.

If you don’t like it, buy a dif­fer­ent phone. Send back your of­fen­sively male, er­gonomic desk. Vote with your feet.

Or at least stand on them to write at your clever, new, ad­justable desk. Nei­ther of which I ever did, of course.

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