The best kissers rarely make the best part­ners

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When is a drunken, adul­ter­ous kiss just a drunken, adul­ter­ous kiss, to be for­given and dealt with in pri­vate… and when is it some­thing more? That’s the ques­tion on ev­ery­one’s lips this week, af­ter Strictly Come Danc­ing’s Sean(n) Walsh and Katya Jones were pho­tographed in an embrace out­side a Lon­don pub.

I would say that it’s some­thing more when it’s the kind of kiss that Seann and Katya had last week. See­ing the pic­tures, I was im­me­di­ately sent into a dream­like state, fan­ta­sis­ing about be­ing kissed in such a way. That was an erotic kiss. It was a pas­sion­ate kiss. It was the kind of kiss that most mar­ried hu­mans have con­signed to an­cient his­tory. What I would

have given to be Katya. Or Sean(n). Ei­ther would do, if it meant I got a snog such as the one plas­tered all over the na­tion’s tabloids.

But then I read the tweet sent in re­sponse by Sean(n)’s now ex-girl­friend. With great dig­nity and a lovely dol­lop of hu­mour (she was keep­ing the cat, she wrote), Re­becca Humphries de­tailed how the in­fi­delity had taken place on her birth­day, and that Walsh had la­belled her a “psy­cho” when she ques­tioned him. And I re­mem­bered that, of­ten, the most pas­sion­ate and erotic kissers do not make the best life part­ners.

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