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The Port Vale and for­mer Rother­ham and Crewe striker takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the in­fa­mous Room 101


There’s noth­ing worse when you’re driv­ing than bus driv­ers. They are al­ways block­ing you and never let you out, it ac­tu­ally angers me.

I al­ways seem to be stuck be­hind a bus driver when I’m in the car on the way to train­ing and, to be hon­est, it does my head in.

Also, most of the bus driv­ers I’ve seen seem like re­ally ar­ro­gant peo­ple. They just wind me up and I’d re­ally like to see them thrown into Room 101. The FLP says: Sorry Tom, thats’ not fare! We’re sure some of the fans who travel to Vale Park by bus would dis­agree as well.


It’s an un­usual one, but I play a fair bit of golf and you al­ways get golf ban­dits try­ing to take your money.

You get peo­ple who claim to have a bad hand­i­cap but are ac­tu­ally a lot bet­ter than they say, so if you play for money they take it!

That re­ally an­noys me, I like to think of my­self as an hon­est per­son so I don’t like it. The FLP says: Hon­esty is al­ways the best pol­icy, even if you are rub­bish at golf. Hustlers are go­ing in.


Peo­ple who are cruel to an­i­mals re­ally anger me – there is just no need for it. I hate spi­ders with a pas­sion, they are a big phobia of mine, but I would not kill one of them.

If I see a spi­der I just get rid of it, so I can’t un­der­stand peo­ple who can be cruel to dogs or cats.You al­ways read in the pa­pers about own­ers who abuse dogs and it’s just hor­rid, I can’t get my head around how some­one could do some­thing as ter­ri­ble as that. The FLP says:We agree,Tom. Peo­ple who treat an­i­mals with such dis­re­gard de­serve a lot more than to be put in Room 101 – but they’re go­ing in any­way.

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