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IWASN’T at all sur­prised to see pro­moted Le­ices­ter lose 4-1 at home to Brighton on Tues­day night. Had that game been im­por­tant, there’s no way they’d have shipped four. But when you fi­nally get over that line, the fight goes out of you.

It doesn’t mat­ter how much you want to win, it’s a nat­u­ral re­ac­tion. The re­lief, the lift­ing of all that stress – you feel to­tally drained.

I re­mem­ber when I was at QPR, we had to wait un­til an hour be­fore kick-off on the fi­nal day of the sea­son to find out if we were go­ing up.

Though we’d won the league on paper, the furore over Ali Fau­rlin’s reg­is­tra­tion meant we didn’t know if we were go­ing to be docked points.

When the news came through that we were up, you could see all the emo­tion come out of the play­ers and staff. All the ten­sion left us and we just felt shat­tered.


So even when we scored in the first minute, I knew we’d lose. Sure enough, Leeds won 2-1.

But re­gard­less of that re­sult, no-one can deny that Le­ices­ter have been a cut above the rest this sea­son. I’m pleased for Nigel Pear­son, whose done a great job. He’s man­aged to get rid of a lot of dead­wood from the Sven era but still keep all the pace and power.

And buy­ing Jamie Vardy last sea­son was a mas­ter­stroke be­cause he and David Nu­gent have been ab­so­lutely un­playable up top.

It was also very clever bring­ing in Kevin Phillips. Nigel must have known he wouldn’t get many games out of Kev, but just hav­ing a fan­tas­tic pro­fes­sional who’s seen it and done it around the club in those tense fi­nal days must have helped the younger lads so much.


Now we’ll see how he deals with Pre­mier League prob­lems. When you go up, all your cur­rent play­ers want rises. Then you try to bring play­ers in and they want more than the lads al­ready there. You can’t move for agents has­sling you.

You need play­ers, but you don’t want to up­set the tried and tested lads by bring­ing in people who are markedly bet­ter. It’s great get­ting pro­mo­tion, but it doesn’t half give you a headache.

Per­son­ally, I think Nigel will need five or six play­ers. And the first thing he’ll be af­ter is a cou­ple of lads who can play in dif­fer­ent po­si­tions.

Util­ity play­ers are price­less in the Pre­mier League be­cause when the end of Au­gust comes, you’re on your own. No loans, no noth­ing.You’re in a ca­noe with one pad­dle and you’ve just got to pray you don’t lose it.

But that’s for later. Right now Nigel and his lads should just en­joy what has been a fan­tas­tic sea­son.

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