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The Football League Paper - - CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS - Jake Bux­ton - Derby County cen­tre-back

Best mate at the club?

It used to be John Bray­ford be­fore he went to Cardiff. I’d have to say John Eus­tace now, as he’s one of the older lads and has been around the block like me. We’re both on the same wave­length.

Last to buy din­ner?

Zak Whit­bread. He’s the last in ev­ery­thing. Last to tidy the plates away at din­ner and al­ways wait­ing for peo­ple to get the cof­fee for him.

The FIFA king?

Goal­keeper Lee Grant was best when we went to Aus­tria be­fore the sea­son started, but that was on the NBA game, not FIFA.

Worst dressed?

That’s a close call be­tween Ryan Shot­ton and Shaun Barker. They both think they’re the fash­ion kings and give it a good go with their gear.

The dress­ing room DJ?

Lee Grant again. He’s al­ways up to date on his R&B and Hip-Hop. He takes a lot of pride in his mu­sic.

The most skil­ful?

Si­mon Dawkins, or our Liver­pool loa­nee Jor­dan Ibe. They are the most skil­ful in train­ing and are both neat and tidy play­ers.

Late for train­ing?

The fines for late­ness are quite steep so we haven’t had any yet this year. We are a good se­nior group, so the man­ager leaves it to us to or­gan­ise our­selves.

Teacher’s pet?

Def­i­nitely George Thorne. He only played for us eight times last year but some­how got the man­ager to splash out £3m on him over the sum­mer.

Best cook?

Jeff Hen­drick, or so I’ve heard – I haven’t got the in­vite yet. Ap­par­ently he’s al­ways host­ing nights round his place with the new lads. The word is they’d rather go to his than to Nando’s, so he must be pretty good.

First on the dance­floor?

Ma­son Ben­nett is an up and com­ing player who also does Daniel Stur­ridge’s cel­e­bra­tion on the dance­floor. We keep telling him he needs to make his own one up! Richard Keogh also likes to bust out some moves – he’s very dra­matic with his arms and fa­cial ex­pres­sions.

Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party?

If you’d asked me a few years ago I could name five or six lads straight away. But now there’s not so many heavy drinkers, we’re not too badly be­haved at the Christ­mas party.

The worst tat­too?

James Bai­ley. He has a lady tat­tooed on his calf that’s just ter­ri­ble. You need to go back to the 80’s for that to look right.

Never puts his phone down?

Jonny Rus­sell is the worst be­fore train­ing and after games, but all the younger lads are al­ways on the phones now. Jonny’s got some bad tat­toos as well ac­tu­ally. He is the team joker and he’s good on the old In­sta­gram and Snapchat.

Go­ing to make the best man­ager?

Lee Grant again. He’s got half a chance of mak­ing it as he’s a calm guy and speaks well. When he speaks, the rest of the lads lis­ten. He’s the most in­tel­li­gent keeper I’ve played with.



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