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Best mate at the club? I’ve got to be diplo­matic here and say that I get along well with ev­ery­one. How­ever, I’ve known Colin Daniel longer than any­one else and I’ve been trav­el­ling with Dany N’Gues­san a lot re­cently. He’s a good travel com­pan­ion and we al­ways have a few laughs on the train. Last to buy din­ner? Ev­ery­one would say that it’s me, but that’s a lie. Michael O’Con­nor al­ways gives me a bit of stick about it but I don’t think it’s re­ally de­served. The FIFA king? By­ron Moore likes a game and is pretty good. I think the last time I played was four years ago, though. A lot of the boys here don’t play much FIFA. Worst dressed? Tom Pope by a long way. He’s got this one pair of train­ers that I swear he’ll never change. He’s just such a ca­sual per­son that he doesn’t care about his ap­pear­ance or put the ef­fort in. The dress­ing room DJ? I’ve been try­ing to get in there but Chris Lines has kept squeez­ing me out. He’s got the power be­cause he’s been here longer. His mu­sic taste is quite di­verse and he has a good mix for match days. I try to get on a few crowd pleasers from RnB to pop and even a bit of U2 and Frank Si­na­tra, as I like to lis­ten to ev­ery­thing. The most skil­ful? Alex Nimely has got two nice feet, but there is a kid called Omar Haughton in the youth team who is not scared of show­ing off his abil­i­ties when he comes across to train with us. Late for train­ing? By­ron Moore is the worst cul­prit. We’ve got a fin­ing sys­tem here and the boys just came back from their Christ­mas trip to Dublin, so for the month be­fore it meant you were just get­ting fined for any­thing. Teacher’s pet? Louis Dodds. I don’t even have to think about that one for a sec­ond. Any­thing he does, Rob Page is shout­ing, ‘Come on, Doddsy’ or ‘Well done, Doddsy’. So it’s def­i­nitely a love that goes both ways. Best cook? I have to say my­self, but I’m al­ways invit­ing the team round and they’ve never taken me up on the of­fer. Tom Pope says he can’t even cook beans on toast, so I’m cer­tainly never go­ing round to his for din­ner. First on the dance floor? The boys are quite lively here, so I can’t think of a spe­cific per­son that would al­ways be first. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Def­i­nitely Ryan McGivern. When he gets a few drinks in him he starts slur­ring his words and keeps ask­ing the lads if they’re al­right. The worst tat­too? Louis Dodds has got a tat­too of a flower on his up­per thigh but I don’t know why. Once he reads The Foot­ball League Pa­per, then maybe he’ll tell us. Never puts their phone down? Chris Lines has al­ways got his phone out, but Michael Brown is prob­a­bly the worst. He’s get­ting on a bit, so he’s do­ing some business deals and in­vest­ing his money in var­i­ous things and try­ing to tell you to do the same. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? I can see Michael Brown and Richard Duffy hav­ing the right skills to do well. Quite a few of the boys are do­ing their badges.

Michael O’Con­nor

Ryan McGivern

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