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Best mate at the club? Ad­edeji Oshi­laja who I’ve known since I came to the club and we were both raised in Lon­don not far from each other. We also have quite a lot of mu­tual friends from be­fore we be­came pro­fes­sional foot­ballers and he is also a good laugh. Last to buy din­ner? Fed­erico Macheda is very tight with his money, he is al­ways try­ing to get out of things and avoid hav­ing to put his hand in his pocket. The FIFA King? I’m the best, but other than me I would have to say Nicky May­nard, as he has a good style and likes to play a pass­ing game – but I would still beat him! Most of the lads in the squad don’t re­ally play FIFA that much though, it’s more the younger guys. Worst dressed? Aron Gun­nars­son’s colour co­or­di­na­tion is ex­tremely poor. He will wear a pink tshirt, baby-blue jeans and yel­low train­ers. It’s al­ways a bit of a lot­tery what colours he will wear. The dress­ing room DJ? Nicky May­nard has the best se­lec­tion in my opin­ion. He plays a lot of RnB, but also some house mu­sic, which he would play be­fore a game to get ev­ery­one pumped up be­fore they go out onto the pitch. The most skil­ful? Craig Noone is very sharp and has light­ning pace. It’s very hard to get the ball off him and he will of­ten drop a shoul­der and go past you be­fore you have even no­ticed. He doesn’t re­ally have flam­boy­ant skills, but he is a night­mare for de­fend­ers. Late for train­ing? Def­i­nitely Fed­erico Macheda – al­most ev­ery sin­gle day! I would say 15 min­utes min­i­mum that he would turn up late. He would have a range of ex­cuses, ei­ther it would be that he got the tim­ings wrong or that traf­fic held him up. Best cook? Ken­wyne Jones makes some amaz­ing Caribbean-based food. It tends to be rice, peas, curry chicken, bar­beque chicken, just re­ally nice stuff. First on the dance floor? Sean Mor­ri­son is the leader of a group of a few play­ers. He is prob­a­bly the most con­fi­dent player in the group. He busts out the moves, they aren’t as good as he likes to think they are but he is al­ways the first on the dance floor, and the last off it. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Sean Mor­ri­son, he is very loud and he is not shy. When we are all to­gether he is not afraid to be heard and he can do a lot of em­bar­rass­ing stuff, but he doesn’t care what peo­ple think. The worst tat­too? Scott Malone has a woman hold­ing a bal­loon. The woman is half hu­man, half skele­ton – it’s crazy! It’s quite a big tat­too on his calf and it’s not only the worst tat­too at the club, it’s prob­a­bly the worst one I have ever seen. It’s de­cent art, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Never puts their phone down? Sean Mor­ri­son and Aron Gun­nars­son tend to talk non­stop. They tend to talk about ran­dom things but al­ways have a laugh at the same time.

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