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Best mate at the club? Kevin Lis­bie. We played to­gether at Mill­wall and have now been here for a few sea­sons to­gether, so we get on pretty well. We live right next to each other in Chig­well – our houses are about two min­utes away from each other, so we meet up for lunch if we’re not train­ing. Last to buy din­ner? Mathieu Baudry. The lads all went to the cafe for a bit of food af­ter train­ing one day. Baudry didn’t have any cash on him, so he asked if he could bor­row a ten­ner from one of the boys. He paid for his food, which was about £2, and then kept the change! We gave him plenty of stick for that one. Worst Dressed? The two French lads – Baudry again and Ro­main Vincelot. Baudry is ter­ri­ble, he never wears socks. And his clothes are al­ways ei­ther too big or too small for him – they just never look quite right. His Tshirts look like crop tops and he al­ways chooses the weird­est colours. Vincelot is bad as well. The dress­ing room DJ? That’s me! I love a bit of house and hip hop. It’s just ac­cepted that I choose the mu­sic and it’s been like that at ev­ery club I’ve played at. If there’s one thing I can do right it’s pick good mu­sic. Teacher’s Pet? David Mooney spends a lot of time talk­ing to all the staff. He’s al­ways help­ing out, bring­ing in equip­ment for the coach­ing staff and stuff like that. If he scores, he does high fives with the coaches as well, so he’s a bit of a favourite. First on the dance floor? I’m not shy in get­ting out there and I don’t think I’m bad at danc­ing. There aren’t many sin­gle lads in the squad so I sup­pose I get out more than most. The two French lads again have some ab­so­lutely shock­ing moves. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Shane Lowry and Chris Dag­nall are both ca­pa­ble of be­ing out­ra­geous on a night out. It’s not that they’re lightweights – they can drink as much as any­one else – but when they do go out, they re­ally do it prop­erly and can get a bit car­ried away. The Worst Tat­too? My mate Vincelot again! He’s been try­ing to get this sleeve done for years but it’s in­com­plete and just looks re­ally faded now – it’s got bal­loons on it and stuff. Never puts his phone down? Shane Lowry is ob­sessed with play­ing Candy Crush on his phone. We’ll be on the coach for four hours trav­el­ling to a game and he’ll be play­ing it the whole jour­ney. Then we’ll get to the ho­tel and he’ll still be play­ing it. Par­tial to a sunbed? Josh Wright, he’s ter­ri­ble with them. He uses sunbeds all year. He’s quite into his looks and his brother’s Mark Wright from The Only Way is Es­sex, so it all sort of makes sense. Go­ing to make the best manager? Nathan Clarke, the club cap­tain, will be a good manager. He’s re­ally lev­el­headed and has been there and done it all. He’s a good talker and just gets on with ev­ery­one.

Ro­main Vincelot

Shaun Batt - Ley­ton Ori­ent striker

Mathieu Baudry

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