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The Football League Paper - - CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS - Aaron McGowan

Best mate at the club? Chris Doyle. He’s a Liver­pool lad and is quite young as well, so we are in the same boat in terms of where we are. I knew him be­fore I started at More­cambe as well, so he’s a good mate of mine. Last to buy din­ner? Andy Wright. His nick­name is Wrighty, but Tighty would be just as ap­pro­pri­ate be­cause he is al­ways the last to get his wal­let out. The FIFA king? Alan Goodall, but, to be hon­est, I don’t re­ally play com­puter games that much any more. I did a few years ago but I think it’s re­ally easy to get hooked and then they just take over your life! Worst dressed? An­drew Flem­ing, be­cause one day he’ll come in with some great stuff on and then the next day, he’ll be in sweat pants and will wear them for the next three days. We get fined for not wear­ing flip flops in the shower, and once he used slip­pers from a ho­tel we’d been in the week be­fore! The dress­ing room DJ? That’s my job. I like R&B but it doesn’t go down so well, so I’ll usu­ally play old school stuff like Luther Van­dross and Marvin Gaye be­fore the warm-up. Then as we get closer to kick­off I’ll up the tempo a bit and we’ll get a bit of house on. The most skil­ful? Jack Red­shaw. I think peo­ple can see that he is ca­pa­ble of play­ing at a higher level and he has a lot of skills. Some­times he does things with the ball and you have no idea how he has pulled it off. Late for train­ing? Ev­ery­one gives each other lifts and I think the worst cul­prits are the boys who live in Manch­ester. Andy Par­rish is the one that lets the side down and is al­ways late to the meet­ing point. Teacher’s pet? Ste­wart Drum­mond is a player-coach, so it has to be him. We’re quite a tight-knit group here, though. Worst cook? Kevin El­li­son comes in with some weird food. He makes all his own healthy stuff at home and then brings it in – but some of it just looks vile! First on the dance floor? Ryan Ed­wards is al­ways up on his feet. He does this weird dance where he pats the dog and changes the light­bulb and he says he’ll do it as a goal cel­e­bra­tion. He’s had a few chances re­cently but couldn’t put them away – it would have been a sight if he had. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Jamie De­vitt. He’s a proper Ir­ish lad and is a right laugh when he’s had a drink. He causes car­nage! The worst tat­too? That’s Jamie De­vitt again. He’s got this weird tribal tat­too around his wrist that looks like an im­printed girl’s ban­gle. I think he’s at the first stage of get­ting it re­moved it’s that bad. Never puts their phone down? Kevin El­li­son. He is the busiest man in the world. You go on Instagram and you’ll see he’s liked 100 pho­tos. Some­one will post some­thing and three sec­onds later he’ll be all over it. Go­ing to make the best manager? Ste­wart Drum­mond. He’s al­ready a coach and has played a lot for More­cambe. If I was a bet­ting man, then I would say that he’ll be the manager of the club one day.

Alan Goodall

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