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The Football League Paper - - LEAGUE ONE RESULTS - Craig Con­way - Black­burn Rovers

Best mate at the club? Grant Han­ley. We live just around the cor­ner from each other and travel in to train­ing to­gether most days. I knew him be­fore I came to Black­burn from my days in the Scot­land squad. Last to buy din­ner? Si­mon East­wood. We’ve got a fines sys­tem at the club for be­ing late and it al­ways takes about three weeks to get the money out of him as he’s com­plain­ing! He’s tight, and one of the ones that will want his hair cut for free off me. The Fifa king? Chris Brown. I don’t play that much, but the lads that do say Chris is the top man. They bring a PlayS­ta­tion along to away games and play in the ho­tel. Worst dressed? Chris Tay­lor is ter­ri­ble. He con­stantly looks like he’s just got out of bed and comes in with dodgy shorts and a washed out bas­ket­ball top, stuff like that. He’s pretty scruffy. Dress­ing room DJ? I’m in charge of the mu­sic on a Satur­day and have been since I signed. I’ve not been thrown off, so I’m ob­vi­ously do­ing al­right. I play a bit of ev­ery­thing and ap­peal to ev­ery­body. Be­fore the game you want some­thing with high tempo, so house mu­sic usu­ally does the trick. Most skil­ful? When Dunny (David Dunn) was here it was him, but now it’s Ben Mar­shall. He’s got great abil­ity, and can take that Ron­aldo-type free­kick. Late for train­ing? Shane Duffy. He’s not the bright­est lad at all, so it’s more that he gets the time wrong than ac­tu­ally be­ing late. He’s the one who pays the most in fines. Teacher’s pet? One of the young lads, Willem Tom­lin­son, has come in re­cently and the man­ager’s been giv­ing him good re­views, so we’ve been giv­ing him a lit­tle bit of stick. Best/worst cook? I’ve never been in­vited to any of the lads’ houses for din­ner so that prob­a­bly tells you all you need to know about their abil­ity in the kitchen. Two years down the line and I’m still wait­ing... First on the dance floor? It was big Rudy Gest­ede be­fore he left, but Mar­cus Ols­son has a bit of rhythm about him. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Si­mon East­wood made a bit of an idiot out of him­self at the last one. He was put to bed pretty early and has had a bit of stick since for be­ing a light­weight. Worst tat­too? Our kit­man Carl has this English war­rior tat­too which I give him a bit of stick about, ob­vi­ously be­ing Scot­tish. Never puts their phone down? Chris Tay­lor’s con­stantly got it by his side – I don’t know what he’s up to on there. Par­tial to a sunbed? Jason Lowe likes six min­utes on a sunbed now and again, but he doesn’t get much stick about it – he doesn’t hide it. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? That’s Lowey again. He’s only 23, but he’s done his UEFA B li­cence and has a re­ally ma­ture head on his shoul­ders.

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