Hartle­pool striker Scott Fen­wick lifts the lid on his fel­low play­ers

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Best mate at the club? It’s a toss up be­tween Michael Duck­worth and Michael Woods. We’re like a trio. I knew Woodsy from when we used to play a few youth games against each other quite a few years ago and I only met Ducky when I signed for Hartle­pool in Novem­ber. We have a few nights out and have some laughs.

Last to buy din­ner? Woodsy has got the most money and yet he’s the tight­est. He’s good at win­ning poker games, but you’ll never see his win­nings.

The Fifa king? Rak­ish Bing­ham is the undis­puted king. He’s never lost. He’s prob­a­bly played ev­ery­one on the team and never ever been beaten. He beat me 3-0 when we last played.

Worst dressed? Josh Near­ney. He’s got a bit of cash about him, so he’s al­ways com­ing in with Vivi­enne West­wood gear and you’d think he was play­ing in the Premier League.

Most skil­ful? Rak­ish Bing­ham has got re­ally fast feet. He’s mugged some of the lads off in train­ing a few times.

Late for train­ing? Matthew Bates is never on time. His ex­cuses are ev­ery­thing un­der the sun from be­ing at the den­tist to be­ing in the can­teen when ev­ery­one else was in the chang­ing rooms. He says that he’s never late when he al­ways is.

Teacher’s pet? Michael Woods, 100 per cent. The gaffer, Ron­nie Moore, loves him and he loves the gaffer. Ev­ery­one calls him Ron­nie Woods.

Best/worst cook? A few of the lads stay at Stu­art Parn­aby’s house on a Fri­day be­fore the home games, so he al­ways puts on good food for them. In terms of worst cook, Ebby Nel­son-Addy burnt some beans on toast be­fore, so I’d say him.

First on the dance­floor? That would be my­self or Trevor Car­son. We def­i­nitely don’t have good moves though.

Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Brad Walker. He loves get­ting on the karaoke and singing and danc­ing. He’s a light­weight on the drink as well.

Worst tat­too? Me hands down, I’m afraid I have to ad­mit. I’ve got my name tat­tooed on my back. I got ribbed for that when I first signed.

Never puts their phone down? Carl Magnay. He’s al­ways on his phone non-stop. Whether it’s Face­book, Twit­ter or In­sta­gram, he’s never off it, he barely looks up.

Par­tial to a sunbed? Lewis Hawkins is or­ange. He al­ways has a sunbed be­fore the game. He makes sure he looks good. He has a right go with his hair and ev­ery­thing.

Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Prob­a­bly Nicky Feather­stone, be­cause he’s so an­gry. On the football pitch, he’s just so an­gry con­stantly. So he’d get the best out of you, just be­cause you wouldn’t want to be on the re­ceiv­ing end of that anger.

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