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The Football League Paper - - CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS - Lloyd James – Ley­ton Ori­ent midfielder

Best mate at the club? Mathieu Baudry. We’re good friends out­side of football and Ori­ent. We go for a few drinks when we can and he fancies him­self as a bit of a golfer, but I al­ways beat him. Last to buy din­ner? Mathieu again. He’s got a bit of a rep­u­ta­tion for fail­ing to get his wal­let out. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it! The Fifa king? A few of the younger lads play. Char­lie Grainger loves it and, to be hon­est, he’s prob­a­bly the best. Some of them even take their Plays­ta­tion to away games. I don’t get time to play it at home! Worst dressed? Bradley Pritchard. He’s got some ras­cal shirts with all sorts of pat­terns on them. The boys give him a bit of stick and he takes it in good spir­its. Dress­ing room DJ? Blair Tur­gott thinks he’s a bit of a DJ. Ol­lie Palmer likes to give him a run for his money and they have a lit­tle ar­gu­ment over who gets to put their stuff on be­fore the games. They like a bit of house and R&B and it goes down quite well with the boys. Most skil­ful? Jay Simp­son has got a cou­ple of good lit­tle tricks up his sleeve. More of­ten than not they come off and he’s left me all over the place a few times in train­ing. Late for train­ing? Blair Tur­gott, Paul McCal­lum and Frazer Shaw are all prime can­di­dates for this. They’re all in a car squad and they like to run it re­ally late. There are a few fines handed out, we’ve got a nice lit­tle kitty in the fines pot for the Christ­mas do al­ready! Teacher’s pet? Sammy Moore is al­ways with Andy Hessen­thaler, our as­sis­tant man­ager. The lads give Sammy a bit of stick for that but he’s a top pro­fes­sional and al­ways push­ing him­self. Best/worst cook? I’m prob­a­bly the best cook. I’m not too bad in the kitchen and, in any case, I’ve not had any of the lads cook for me. First on the dance­floor? Mathieu Baudry likes a lit­tle dance. He thinks he can do a shuf­fle but he’s a bit stiff in the legs to be any good. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Paul McCal­lum. I’ve seen him make a fool of him­self in the past. I can’t tell you what he’s done though! Never puts their phone down? Ol­lie Palmer is con­stantly on his phone to his good friend Jonjo Shelvey. He doesn’t leave him alone and makes sure ev­ery­one knows he’s his mate. We give him a bit of stick for that but it doesn’t stop him! Par­tial to a sunbed? Char­lie Grainger is from Es­sex so he fits the stereo­type, but he gen­uinely does look like he en­joys a trip to the tan­ning sa­lon ev­ery week or so. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Alan Dunne is a good char­ac­ter and a great role model to ev­ery­one at the club, not just the younger lads. He’s a leader and peo­ple look up to him given his ex­pe­ri­ence in the game.

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