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Best mate at the club? I signed from Port Vale in July, but I’d say I haven’t taken to any par­tic­u­lar in­di­vid­ual. I get along with all the boys. We’ve got a good bunch of lads and we’re all close. We don’t go out that much, but at the club the mood is great and ev­ery­one is friendly.

Last to buy din­ner? Tony McMa­hon. He pre­tends he’s a giver but you can tell he’s tight.

The FIFA king? Reece Burke, who’s on loan from West Ham. I don’t think a lot of the boys play on PlayS­ta­tion or Xbox that much. But Reece keeps on bring­ing up his PlayS­ta­tion, so I’m guess­ing he spends a lot of time on it.

Worst dressed? Tony McMa­hon, again. He’s got ter­ri­ble gear and no fash­ion sense at all.

Dress­ing room DJ? Billy Knott. He plays a bit of ev­ery­thing and on match­day he plays some high tempo stuff to get the boys go­ing. He’s a pop­u­lar choice in the dress­ing room; all the other boys keep their mu­sic to them­selves, be­cause they don’t want to get ban­tered for hav­ing ter­ri­ble mu­sic.

Most skil­ful? Me. No ques­tion about it. There is noone who out­does me on the train­ing pitch.

Late for train­ing? James Mered­ith is al­ways push­ing the clock. Sur­pris­ingly there’s no-one that’s late here, but he’s al­ways right up to the wire, one minute be­fore the time that we need to be there.

The best cook? I’m the best. I like to cook salmon, chicken and pasta bakes. Lis­ten­ing to the boys’ con­ver­sa­tions, I think I would get food poi­son­ing if I went round to any of their houses for din­ner.

First on dance­floor? Reece Burke. He’s got some moves, I’ve seen them live in ac­tion. He’s al­ways danc­ing.

Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Tony McMa­hon, be­cause of his lively per­son­al­ity. He just loves a joke, he loves to mess around. He would prob­a­bly try some ban­ter. He is quite funny most of the time, but some of the things he does are ques­tion­able. Ei­ther you are go­ing to laugh or there will just be si­lence.

Worst tat­too? Billy Clarke has a tat­too, which is quite colour­ful. There are all sorts go­ing on there. I don’t know what it rep­re­sents, I can’t say too much about it.

Never puts their phone down? James Mered­ith. He’s al­ways on his phone. I don’t know what he’s con­duct­ing on there, but he’s def­i­nitely up to some­thing.

Par­tial to a sunbed? I can’t choose be­tween Tony McMa­hon and Gary Liddle. Their skin is far too or­ange for this time of the year.

Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Nathan Clarke is do­ing his coach­ing badges. He’s quite a calm, hum­ble per­son and he’s re­ally easy to talk to. I reckon he would be a good gaffer.

Reece Burke

Billy Knott

Mark Mar­shall - Brad­ford City winger

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