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Best mate at the club? Mar­lon Pack. We signed at the same time and we’ve just be­come re­ally good mates from there. We’ve had that bond ever since the first time we met each other. You know that film Step­broth­ers?

We’re best mates like that re­ally. Last to buy din­ner?

Aaron Wil­bra­ham, Scott Wagstaff, and you have to put Luke Ayling in that one as well. All three of them are tight. The FIFA king?

I’m not a big player my­self, but I think Bobby Reid and Korey Smith are the FIFA kings of the club. They bring the PlayS­ta­tion on away trips, but I don’t re­ally get in­volved. I’m more of a Call of Duty man. Worst dressed?

Def­i­nitely Ben Hamer. He’s got some real sore gear, naughty stuff. He likes a shirt, he al­ways wears one ev­ery­where. The pre-match dress­ing room DJ?

Aaron Wil­bra­ham gets the tunes on be­fore the games, but in the dress­ing room be­fore and af­ter train­ing all the boys try to get in­volved and chip in. There’s a few du­bi­ous songs that come on some­times though – Derrick Wil­liams puts some strange ones on and so does Mar­lon Pack. The most skil­ful?

Be­side me? I’d say Bobby Reid as he’s al­ways drop­ping a step-over in when he can or do­ing some other kind of skill on the train­ing ground. The best cook? Mar­lon Pack has cooked for me a cou­ple of times and he has this pasta dish which he is al­ways hyp­ing up to the boys. I can’t re­mem­ber ex­actly what’s in it, but it’s a good dish, I’ll give him that. He likes to give that recipe out to ev­ery­one and he’s al­ways drop­ping it into con­ver­sa­tions. First on dance­floor?

I’m be­ing a bit bi­ased here but it’s my pal Mar­lon Pack again, as he likes a dance move. He likes to think he’s good, but he’s very stiff – as is Luke Ayling! Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party?

Un­for­tu­nately that’s me. I’ll not com­ment on what’s hap­pened in the past but let’s just say I need to grow up a bit this year. I could have done things a bit dif­fer­ently last time. Worst tat­too?

Derrick Wil­liams has got ‘MOM’ tat­tooed on his foot. I’m sure it means a lot to him but it’s a bad tat­too and a few of the boys have given him a bit of stick for it in the past. Never puts their phone down?

Aaron Wil­bra­ham has al­ways got his phone on him and he is al­ways video­ing things the boys are do­ing and putting on SnapChat. He’s on that too much. Par­tial to a sunbed?

Ben Hamer loves a sunbed, as does Luke Ayling, but they aren’t ashamed – they al­ways get their kit off straight away in the chang­ing room and you can see the tan lines. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Luke Ayling again. He’s a well-spo­ken lad and knows how to talk to all the play­ers in the right way. He’s not said any­thing about want­ing to go into coach­ing but I think it could hap­pen as he talks a good game.

Bobby Reid

Ben Hamer

Aden Flint – Bristol City Cen­tre-half

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