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Best mate at club? I have a car school with Dean Par­rett and Char­lie Lee, but I would prob­a­bly say Char­lie be­cause I have been with him for so many years. We joined Peter­bor­ough at the same time, then went to Gilling­ham and Steve­nage to­gether, so we have been stuck with each other. Last to buy din­ner? Dean Par­rett oc­ca­sion­ally for­gets his wal­let, but I sus­pect that’s just an hon­est mis­take. I have had to help him out on oc­ca­sion. No-one re­ally sticks out as be­ing par­tic­u­larly tight. The FIFA king? I don’t re­ally play FIFA, but I know a few of the young­sters do and I think Tom Pett is quite good. If I play any­thing, it’s Call of Duty. Worst dressed? Chris Day is 40 and still thinks he’s a teenager. No-one is par­tic­u­larly well­dressed and I would not say I am, ei­ther. I’m not down with the kids th­ese days! Dress­ing room DJ? It is nor­mally Dan Barnes, our fit­ness coach. He likes to put on his mu­sic and it’s a pretty good se­lec­tion of cur­rent tunes – usu­ally a bit of Justin Bieber. Most skil­ful? That’s prob­a­bly a toss-up be­tween Char­lie Lee and Tom Pett. It is tough to de­cide be­tween them but Char­lie comes out with some crazy things, so I will go with him. Jamie McCombe is at the other end of the scale – you wouldn’t want to see him do a stepover. Late for train­ing? There could be a few con­tenders, but I’m not sure I should name any names. Be­fore Christ­mas, it was quite bad, but ev­ery­one has been pretty good re­cently. Teacher’s pet? Char­lie Lee. That’s all I’m go­ing to say. Worst cook? Our chef, James! He is ac­tu­ally all right but we are al­ways say­ing he is rub­bish to wind him up. I haven’t had much of a chance to sam­ple the lads’ cook­ing, so I’ll stick with him. First on the dance floor? We don’t go out as a team too of­ten, so I’m not too sure. Char­lie Lee can’t dance but he would prob­a­bly be up there first. I sus­pect Michael Tonge would be one of the last – I can’t see him rac­ing to the dance floor. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? We had a fancy dress party last year and Ben Kennedy was prob­a­bly the worst – young­sters are al­ways up for stuff. There were some good cos­tumes. Two of the lads went as Mario and Luigi but the best was Spi­der­man. That was me! Worst tat­too? Ron­nie Henry has a pan­ther on his left thigh. I haven’t a clue why. Never puts the phone down? Dean Wells seems to be stuck to his phone. I’m prob­a­bly on mine more than I should be, but I think that’s the same with ev­ery­one th­ese days. Par­tial to sunbed Jack Jebb. That’s not just a ru­mour, it’s def­i­nitely true. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? I reckon Steven Schu­macher. He is quite a ruth­less char­ac­ter and can get the boys up for it. I don’t think I’ll go into man­age­ment. A coach­ing role would be more suited to me.

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