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Jonathan Obika -

Best mate at the club? Raphael Rossi Branco and Jer­maine Hyl­ton. We are a pretty tight group. There is al­ways good ban­ter be­tween us and I think the fact we share a car helps us have a laugh. Last to buy din­ner? Jimmy Hyl­ton. He hardly ever says no to go­ing out, but he is never there when the bill comes, ei­ther. FIFA King? There is a guy in the youth team called Josh Cooke and I don’t think he’s ever lost against any of us. He al­ways has the tac­tics spot on – he must spend so much time play­ing the game in­stead of ac­tual foot­ball. Worst dressed? A few come to mind, but Lawrence Vigouroux stands out. He al­ways wears stuff that makes you go ‘what is that?!’ Dress­ing room DJ? Lawrence again. He plays a mix of dif­fer­ent mu­sic in the dress­ing room, from hip-hop to garage to any­thing that’s a good song at the time. Ev­ery­one’s happy with him be­ing DJ, to be hon­est, as it creates a good at­mos­phere. Most skil­ful? I’ve got to give it to Jimmy Hyl­ton. In train­ing, he al­ways looks for the nut­meg and, when he gets you, he will not let you for­get it. He is a re­ally skil­ful player. When he comes on, he changes games. Late to train­ing? Ev­ery­one is pretty good. We have a good group of boys who all en­joy com­ing to train­ing so there is no-one that stands out in my mind. I can’t re­mem­ber the last player who ac­tu­ally turned up late. Teacher’s pet? El­lis Ian­dolo is eas­ily the hard­est work­ing trainer in our team and he is very punc­tual. When­ever train­ing is on, you know El­lis will turn up. Some­times, when I’ve turned up early for train­ing, think­ing I’m the first one, there’s El­lis kit­ted up and ready to go. Worst cook? James Bro­phy. I was go­ing to say Jor­dan Ste­wart or Bran­don Or­monde-Ot­tewill, but when­ever James is go­ing to cook a meal the guys al­ways choose to go down the take­away route. First one to go on the dance­floor? Lawrence Vigouroux is al­ways the first and only per­son to go out and dance when­ever we go out as a group. He’s not even that good, I would give his moves a 2/10. Worst tat­too? I know there are a few of the guys with sleeve tat­toos, but I haven’t re­ally asked the mean­ing be­hind any of them. There’s none I’ve seen that ac­tu­ally stand out. Never puts the phone down? Rafa Branco. When­ever we are car shar­ing and I’m driv­ing, ev­ery­one will be talk­ing, but then you see Rafa’s face al­ways lit up from his phone. He never puts it down. He’s al­ways on Twit­ter and, if it’s not that, it’s In­sta­gram. Par­tial to the sunbed? Ob­vi­ously ev­ery­one has one in the sum­mer af­ter hol­i­days, but no-one has made the mis­take of get­ting a fake tan. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Nathan Thomp­son, our cap­tain, be­cause of his lead­er­ship, tem­per­a­ment and ap­pli­ca­tion. In style he would lean more to­wards Pep Guardi­ola than Sam Al­lardyce.

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