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Mar­nick Ver­mijl

Best mate at the club? Adam Reach, as we both came into the club more or less at the same time this sea­son and we’re pretty close to each other now at the train­ing ground. Last to buy din­ner? To be fair, ev­ery­one is pretty good. I’ve been at teams where there have been a cou­ple of peo­ple re­ally bad for it, but here it’s dif­fer­ent. I couldn’t pos­si­bly call out any for­mer club­mates if I’m not train­ing with them any more! The Fifa king? A lot of play­ers think they are on a dif­fer­ent level, but Adam Reach, Alan Browne and I are prob­a­bly the best. Browney loves his Fifa and we al­ways take a PlayS­ta­tion with us on away trips. Worst dressed? There are no stand­out con­tenders. We don’t have a proper club suit, so ev­ery­one tends to come in his own gear, but I think ev­ery­one must make a big ef­fort as there aren’t any dodgy suits or ties kick­ing around. Noone wants to be poked fun at. Dress­ing room DJ? Paul Gal­lagher is def­i­nitely our des­ig­nated DJ. It’s a real ran­dom mix he plays be­fore games, not one par­tic­u­lar thing but ev­ery­one likes his mu­sic. Most skil­ful? DJ [Daniel John­son] for sure. He is very good on the ball, as is Gal­lagher. But, while DJ doesn’t do any par­tic­u­larly spe­cial things, he is so good tech­ni­cally it’s clear he’s the most skil­ful player. Late for train­ing? We have a very strict fines sys­tem here, so no-one is reg­u­larly late. But Cal­lum Robin­son and DJ leave it as late as hu­manly pos­si­ble to be on time ev­ery day! They are al­ways right on the mark. Teacher’s pet? Ev­ery­one stays as far from that tag as pos­si­ble! The skip­per is al­ways the clos­est to the staff, but I wouldn’t say Tom Clarke gets any ban­ter for it. At this club, the coaches are friendly with ev­ery­one. Worst cook? I wouldn’t know. Noone has had me round for din­ner yet! But I am pretty good as I have lived for three years on my own – I can do a lot with pasta and chicken. First on the dance floor? Jor­dan Hugill, def­i­nitely, but to be fair he’s got some moves. He’s one of the fun­ni­est guys at the club. Most likely to dis­grace him­self at the Christ­mas party? Calum Woods. I couldn’t say if he had a his­tory of it, but he’s a funny guy in the squad. Worst tat­too? Steve May has some weird things on his legs, the worse be­ing Jim Car­rey’s face! Never puts his phone down? We have a team What­sApp and Gal­lagher, Hugill and Clarke are the big­gest posters by far. It’s a good mix of funny stuff and se­ri­ous team busi­ness. Par­tial to a sunbed? Browney again! He gets away with it at the minute. Sum­mer is com­ing, so he’s def­i­nitely not the only one do­ing it. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Neil Kilkenny, I think, would be good. I don’t know if he even wants to be a man­ager, but he is al­ways look­ing closely at the game and the other team.

Paul Gal­lagher

Adam Reach

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