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The Football League Paper - - CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS - Jon Stead Notts County striker

Best friend at the club? Jonathan Forte. I knew him be­fore I came to the Notts County, through a few mu­tual friends, and we car share as well, so we spend a fair bit of time to­gether. Last to buy din­ner? There are quite a few, but I would say Alex Rod­man. He’s pretty tight – he al­ways seems to have con­ve­niently for­got­ten his wal­let. Worst dressed at the club? When he was here, it used to be Roy Car­roll by a mile, but I think this sea­son it’s prob­a­bly Richard Duffy. I think he just picks up what­ever’s on the floor by his bed in the morn­ing – scruffy track­suits usu­ally. Dress­ing room DJ? Adam Camp­bell. It’s chart stuff, but dancey stuff – the sort of mu­sic you’d hear in a club. It’s not bad, though I have to skip a few of them. Alan Smith and a few of the older lads have to skip some, too. Too hard­core for us. Late for train­ing? That’s prob­a­bly Matt Too­tle. He’s not late, but he al­ways comes in at the last sec­ond be­fore he has to. Most sk­il­ful in train­ing? Gra­ham Burke. Tech­ni­cally, he’s prob­a­bly one of the best. He’s got this re­verse shot that he does with his left foot. He sticks it in most times in train­ing, but the gaffer keeps hav­ing a go at him be­cause he misses the tar­get in games. Teacher’s pet? Carl Dick­in­son. He’s al­ways try­ing to get near the gaffer to have lit­tle chats with him. First on the dance­floor? Matt Too­tle again. He’s a bit of a char­ac­ter, so he’s al­ways the first one up to do some­thing daft. On a night out, I have seen him take his top off and do the worm. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Ei­ther Matt Too­tle or El­liott He­witt. If some­thing daft is hap­pen­ing, they’re not too far off. This year’s Christ­mas party was can­celled be­cause of our poor formm though. The lads had booked their flights to Dublin but we’ve had a bad month, so the gaffer can­celled it. But, as it worked out, we wouldn’t have been able to go any­way be­cause we drew with Peter­bor­ough in the FA Cup and had the re­play. Most par­tial to a sunbed? Prob­a­bly Alex Rod­man. He has his eye­brows waxed and plucked as well – he likes to look af­ter him­self a bit too much I think. Make the best man­ager? Other than my­self, I’d say Alan Smith. He’s ob­vi­ously had a fan­tas­tic ca­reer in the game and he’s do­ing his coach­ing badges. He’s ac­tu­ally a play­er­coach at the club at the minute, so I think he’ll prob­a­bly look into some­thing like that. I still don’t know what I’m go­ing to do when I’m fin­ished but I’d prob­a­bly look at man­age­ment, rather than coach­ing, if I was to stay in the game. Worst tat­toos? Aaron Collins, the Welsh lad we’ve got on loan from Wolves, has one on ei­ther bum cheek. It’s not re­ally some­thing you can stare at, but one of them might be a Viva Las Ve­gas tat­too and there might be a weird lit­tle smi­ley face on the other. I should ask him about that be­cause they’re a bit sus­pect.

Gra­ham Burke

Richard Duffy

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