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The Football League Paper - - CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS - Scott Wise­man Scun­thorpe Utd de­fender

Best mate at the club? That would be Stephen Daw­son. We have played to­gether for about five years, at Scun­thorpe now and Barnsley be­fore that. I speak to him about four times a day af­ter foot­ball. He never stops ring­ing my phone! I am like his dad – I have to look af­ter him! Last to pay for din­ner? I think I have to go for our mid­fielder, Scott Man­tom. He is well known among the lads for be­ing tight! He seems to have that tag. It comes from a story where he was sent to buy cof­fee for the boys, but in­stead of go­ing to Star­bucks he went to McDon­ald’s as they’re cheaper – that’s not right is it? Worst dressed? That would be Neal Bishop – he def­i­nitely dresses his age of 35! He has some strange clob­ber. He loves trackie bot­toms and grandad jumpers, that sort of thing. It is not a good look. Dress­ing room DJ? That is Tom Hop­per. To be fair, he is nor­mally quite good. His stuff is pop­u­lar. He lis­tens to the lads and puts on what­ever the group wants. It is never any­thing too ag­gres­sive and it al­ways goes down well. So, long may he con­tinue in the role. Late for train­ing? Hakeeb Ade­lakun, no doubt! I have never seen any­one like him! He is the most re­laxed man in foot­ball and does ev­ery­thing in his own time and his own world. He is only on time if some­one picks him up and drags him out of bed. Teacher’s pet? I am go­ing to have to say Stephen Daw­son, even if he is my mate! He looks like he is first in with some of the staff mem­bers, so we al­ways take the mick out of him for that. We put his ini­tials on his peg, like the staff do, and stuff like that. He gets a bit of stick for be­ing like a staff mem­ber. First on the dance floor? I would prob­a­bly have to go for Stephen Daw­son again! He likes be­ing the cen­tre of at­ten­tion and get­ting up – if his mis­sus is not there any­way! If she is, he is a dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter. An­noy­ingly, he is not a bad dancer ei­ther! Most likely to dis­grace them­selves on a Christ­mas party? We went to Dublin for two days this year and it was a great event. The lads be­haved very well. We stuck to­gether for the whole time. No­body re­ally dis­graced them­selves and I’m telling the truth with that, too! Worst tattoo? I am go­ing to name and shame Luke Wil­liams. He has two crowns on his Achilles, which he claims are for his nieces – but we know they are not. And then he has one of the is­land of Ber­muda on his an­kle bone. He got it be­cause he went to the har­bour once. It’s hor­ren­dous. Par­tial to a sunbed? Josh Mor­ris does the lot: teeth whitened, hair creamed, tan topped up the whole year. Kevin van Veen often has a glow about him, too! Will be the best man­ager? Neal Bishop has a good head on his shoul­ders and treats peo­ple in the right way, so I think he will. I am a mort­gage ad­viser for play­ers and have my own busi­ness, so I won’t be go­ing that way.

Stephen Daw­son

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