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The Football League Paper - - CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS - Scott Wagstaff -

Best mate at the club? I drive in with Mark Byrne. He’s one of my clos­est friends, as is Lee Martin. I was with him at Charl­ton, so I know him quite well. But I’d prob­a­bly have to go with Mark Byrne be­cause I bounce off him the most. We like the same things. Last to buy din­ner? Bradley Garm­ston is a tight one. He won’t put his hand in his pocket – we played golf a few weeks ago and he wouldn’t buy the drinks for the lads half­way around. FIFA king? I used to love play­ing FIFA, but I’m get­ting a bit old now. Dar­ren Ol­daker is very good. He whips a few boys on FIFA. A few of the older boys don’t play it much now. Times are chang­ing. It’s a young man’s game. Worst dressed? Luke O’Neill. A lot of the boys have been jump­ing on him for his gear. He thinks he looks the part but a lot of the lads have bat­ted him down. His shoes and shorts combo does not work. Dressing room DJ? This year we have Max Eh­mer, who’s up to date with all the new mu­sic, and we’re un­der a strict regime with it. We’re not al­lowed to have any swear words in there, oth­er­wise you get a fine. It’s a tricky one to have, but he does a good job. Most skil­ful? Liam Nash, who we signed from NonLeague (Mal­don & Tip­tree). He’s not a bad player, with a few skills. Lee Martin al­ways has a step over in his locker and he’s nippy as well, so ei­ther of those two would get it. Late for train­ing? There were a cou­ple late for games last year! Josh Parker is al­ways late be­cause he lives so far away. Teacher’s pet? Lee Martin has been an­nounced as cap­tain and he’s up there. The boys like to get on him if the gaf­fer says any­thing to him. He’s a good lad and we have a good bit of ban­ter. Best/worst cook? Josh Wright has a lit­tle bit about him. His wife makes an in­cred­i­ble banof­fee pie as well. First on dance floor? I prob­a­bly have to give it to my­self, and the lads would prob­a­bly back me up. Most of them like to stand around the edge, but I like to get on to the floor. But I’m 27 now so I’ll have to leave it to the other, younger lads. Most likely to dis­grace him­self at the Xmas party? We had fancy dress last year for our party and Stu­art Nel­son re­ally let him­self down with his jockey out­fit. It didn’t look great. A few of the boys didn’t un­der­stand what it was. Worst tat­toos? There are some aw­ful tat­toos. Max Eh­mer has ‘pride and glory’ on his quads. The boys bat­ter him ev­ery time and I have to say they’re not the best. Never puts his phone down? Lee Martin can talk for days. He can make up some sto­ries over the phone. I know I’ve bat­tered him here, but he can talk for a long time. Par­tial to a sunbed? There are a few that deny it, but a lot of the lads are quite vain. I don’t know if any of them like the sunbed, but they like to look in the mir­ror. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Josh Wright. I think he’ll make a re­ally good man­ager. He’s prob­a­bly one of the best talk­ers I’ve played with and he used to be the cap­tain, too. He’s re­ally good to have around and gets the boys or­gan­ised. His at­ten­tion to de­tail is first rate.



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