Brexit has led to Dis-united King­dom

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Sir – Don­ald Trump has con­trib­uted enor­mously to Amer­ica be­ing the most di­vided since the Civil War. Brexit has made Bri­tain the most di­vided it has been in my life­time.

Brexit sup­port­ers claim on TV that “re­moan­ers” are now unit­ing be­hind the Gov­ern­ment to get a prob­a­bly im­pos­si­ble, good Brexit deal. No they are not, they are get­ting more and more an­gry about the lu­nacy un­fold­ing and poor Gov­ern­ment.

The re­main cam­paign has been too nice and al­lowed Brexit hard lin­ers to use ap­pallingly bi­ased abuse aimed at re­main sup­port­ers, or peo­ple that just do not do what they want. The in­fa­mous “en­e­mies of the peo­ple”.

I call the Brexit fa­nat­ics “The Sui­cide Squad”, a term that seems very suit­able and catchy to de­scribe much of the leave cam­paign and one that prob­a­bly most politi­cians would se­cretly agree with, but never voice.

Usu­ally if you know or sus­pect some­one in­tends to com­mit sui­cide you would try to put them off, how­ever the leave side keep telling us that we voted for it so must do it re­gard­less of the con­se­quences.

So called pa­tri­otic groups in the cam­paign high-jacked the Union Jack. I found it deeply of­fen­sive for the far right to sug­gest their views are pa­tri­otic and if you do not sup­port them, you are not.

I firmly be­lieve in rep­re­sent­ing all of the peo­ple in pol­i­tics and only pol­i­tics of the cen­tre or mid­dle ground, rep­re­sent­ing dif­fer­ent be­liefs and val­ues, can do this.

While the worst ef­fects of Brexit are still to come, our credit rat­ing has gone down to a his­toric low, cit­ing the UK’s poor eco­nomic out­look af­ter Brexit. Alarm bells are ring­ing louder by the day. Leave cam­paign­ers will blame ev­ery­body but them­selves for the Brexit dis­as­ter, while lawyers sort out the mess and get ridicu­lously rich.

Ex­trem­ism in pol­i­tics and its close his­tor­i­cal cousin, re­li­gion, is al­ways bad. Few now would ar­gue that Hitler was a good thing for Ger­many. Few would ar­gue that Stalin and com­mu­nism was good for Rus­sia, or that Gen­eral Franco was good for Spain. The United King­dom has be­come the Dis-united King­dom.

Who got us into this mess, Nigel Farage?

The world is in an in­creas­ingly worse mess and we are wast­ing time, now and for many, many years to come on Brexit. Un­less it is stopped our chil­dren will not and should not, for­give us.

Those in and out of pol­i­tics must act now to help fight ex­trem­ism and cre­ate a more har­mo­nious and yes - make a pre­vi­ously Great Union of coun­tries great again and not Lit­tle Bri­tain.

The EU has many faults but I value the free­dom and pro­tec­tion it has given us in be­ing part of a com­mu­nity of 28 coun­tries ex­er­cis­ing checks and bal­ances on ex­treme ac­tiv­i­ties and cen­sor­ship in mem­ber coun­tries.

We do not need to take back con­trol from the EU, we need to take back con­trol from ex­trem­ists of all shades. The Bri­tish peo­ple need a sec­ond chance to have a say on any fi­nal deal when the con­se­quences of the Brexit deal are known and I ask all politi­cians to in­sist on this and ask mem­bers of the pub­lic to in­sist their rep­re­sen­ta­tives do in fact ask for this.

Re­mem­ber if you have any doubts about Brexit be­ing a bad thing – Don­ald Trump thinks it’s a good idea.

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