Fi­nal chapter chills but sets glacial pace

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It Chapter Two Sky Cin­ema Premiere

It Chapter Two fails to match its pre­de­ces­sor as direc­tor Andy Muschi­etti and writer Gary Dauber­man take a too much of a good thing ap­proach.

The se­quel’s big­gest flaw is its length; there’s no need for the near-three-hour run­ning time.

But the adult cast are on top form, es­pe­cially the im­pe­ri­ous Jes­sica

Chas­tain, James

McAvoy and Bill

Hader; while Bill

Skars­gård‘s Pen­ny­wise con­tin­ues to be the stuff of night­mares.

And one thing Muschi­etti doesn’t strug­gle to recre­ate from the first flick is his abil­ity to make an au­di­ence cower in fear.


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