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A group of par­ents and chil­dren from the pri­mary two class at Kirkcud­bright Pri­mary came up with a novel way to stay con­nected dur­ing lock­down.

The young­sters wrote a col­lab­o­ra­tive story which they pre­sented to their teacher Mr Flan­nighan on the last day of term. They have loved hav­ing him as a teacher and thought it would be a nice sur­prise for him.

The project wasn’t school work, just their own idea, with each child writ­ing part of the story then pass­ing it elec­tron­i­cally to an­other friend from class.

There were no rules to the story, which fea­tures uni­corns, aliens, di­nosaurs and other mag­i­cal go­ings on.

Wil­low: One sunny day there was a lit­tle tooth fairy called Mary that lived in a tall tree in the deep jun­gle. She was look­ing for an an­i­mal’s tooth.

When she was look­ing for it she found a spooky cave. She de­cided to peek in the cave so she went in. In the cave she found a...

Lydia: ...se­cret place and in the se­cret place was a big gi­ant swim­ming pool. The swim­ming pool had fairies, pi­rates and an­i­mals.

Mary thought for a sec­ond and thought “Why are there all th­ese spe­cial movie char­ac­ters> Some that don’t even like wa­ter are in it.”

She then said to all the fairies: “Why are you all in the pool?”

And the fairies said: “Be­cause this the mag­i­cal wa­ter to make us have lots of pow­ers to never lose them.”

She looked up in the sky and saw a uni­corn and a lep­rechaun rid­ing on it. The lep­rechaun wasn’t green he was rain­bow coloured...

Jay: .... be­cause he jumped into the rain­bow from his wee pot of gold.

He and the uni­corn went for a walk and found a se­cret hide­out. In­side there was a chest. In­side the chest was a map.

They fol­lowed the map to the pot of gold and that’s how he be­came rain­bow coloured in that rain­bow. Then he be­came friends with a big black spi­der called Sa­muel.

Sa­muel grew big black wings and then he flew with the uni­corn and the rain­bow lep­rechaun. They all took off and flew away to...

Billy: ...a for­est on a moun­tain in Canada. It was a dark for­est.

They spotted wolf foot prints so they looked around the for­est and found a wolf pack.

Sa­muel, the lep­rechaun and uni­corn were amazed be­cause ev­ery wolf had a red di­a­mond on its head.

The leader wolf joined them ....

Damian: ...the leader of the pack asked us to go on a quest to a mag­i­cal cas­tle to find the magic knights to help us find a mag­i­cal tram­po­line to get us up to the mag­i­cal cloud cas­tle.

There were two dragons and two baby T-rexs and we all had a pic­nic with loads of tea and food be­fore we left to go...

Erin: ...to uni­corn is­land. There was a uni­corn called Rain­bow. She liked to play with all her friends.

One day on Uni­corn is­land a mon­ster came and tried to take the uni­corn crown but Rain­bow ran re­ally fast to catch the mon­ster.

When she was run­ning she started to fly so she took the crown back and flew away to...

Demi: ...her friends at the uni­corn palace where she put the crown back on the uni­corn queen.

When the mon­ster ap­peared rain­bow and her friends used their spe­cial uni­corn moon­beams to scare it away to...

Millie: ...Mon­ster Is­land. The is­land was big with lots of fluffy green mon­sters.

It had lots of bub­bling green swamps where the baby mon­sters liked to play. A big mon­ster party was hap­pen­ing but they for­got to wait for Daddy mon­ster.

When he heard the mu­sic he was...

Eilidh: ...drawn to the swamp where all his fam­ily were en­joy­ing green candy floss so sweet he thought his fangs would fall out, mon­ster shaped lol­lipops and swim­ming in the deep green swamp in his teddy bear trunks, lis­ten­ing to mon­ster mix mu­sic.

But lurk­ing in the trees watch­ing all of this was...

Ma­bel C: ...all of the uni­corns from the uni­corn palace. They were watch­ing all of the mon­sters be­cause they wanted to join the party too.

They brought sprin­kle rain­bow cookies for ev­ery­one. Sud­denly there was a loud bang...

Archie: ...an alien space­ship hit the ground. It squashed all the bad mon­sters but the uni­corns, Sa­muel spi­der and friends were okay.

Ev­ery­body got ex­cited. They had never seen aliens be­fore. The aliens came out of the space­ship and said...

Al­bie: ...“we are hun­gry and we want to eat you for tea!”

The aliens started chas­ing the uni­corns around. The uni­corns flew away very quickly and snuck into the aliens space­ship. They closed the door...

Jes­sica: ...and af­ter try­ing a few but­tons and con­trols the space­ship zoomed off with the uni­corns, Sa­muel spi­der and the gang in­side it and flew off into space leav­ing all the aliens be­hind.

The aliens were con­fused and got so mad. The uni­corns were glad they had es­caped but were wor­ried be­cause they didn’t re­ally know how to con­trol the space­ship.

All of a sud­den they were head­ing to­wards a big planet and then BANG...

Ara­bella: ...they landed on the big planet and they opened the door of the space­ship and they found a lot of mer­maids. It was Mer­maid Land and the mer­maids were sur­prised to see uni­corns, a spi­der and a lep­rechaun on their land.

The land was cov­ered in wa­ter so they flew be­cause they can’t swim they asked the mer­maids how they can go back to their planet and the mer­maids said...

Chris: ..you must stay here for 25 days un­til you see a half cres­cent moon in the sky, then fly up to Saggy Bot­tom Moun­tain and do a jig dance all for 10 sec­onds stand­ing in a cir­cle then with a flash of light you will all go whizzing through the air back to your home­land...

Holly: ...once they got back to their own planet it had been turned into a mas­sive fun­fair and wa­ter park and ev­ery­one had fun to­gether.

Au­thors The Kirkcud­bright young­sters who con­trib­uted to the story

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