The Galloway News : 2020-07-09

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37 www.gallowayne­ 09.7.2020 FEMALE CARER WANTED Kirkcudbri­ght Area Needs a Sense of Humour Hours to Discuss Rate of Pay to Discuss Please call faBriC TraVel CraTe Used onCe Councillor­s’ Surgeries DEE & GLENKENS WARD L30" W21" H24" Weighs 6lbs. Suit dog 30 - 50lbs. £40.00 01556 630598 Councillor Jane Maitland is available for telephone consultati­ons on any Council/Public Service matter. Please phone 07825 633155 or email for an appointmen­t. 0155733056­3 flaTsCreen TV Sharp 32" LCD, rarely used, great condition, stand included £50.00 0782175007­8 PLANNING The applicatio­ns, associated plans and documents can be viewed on-line by following the ePlanning link on the Council’s website at Written comments may be by email to or via the Council’s website, as noted above, by 23/07/2020 (Type A). suits from birth pink design,toy bar,soothing vibrations £10.00 0782175007­8 hard suitcase, digital lock, wheels, charcoal colour. £10.00 0782175007­8 BaBy seaT, Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 as amended Town and Country Planning (Developmen­t Management Procedure) (Scotland) Regulation­s 2013, Reg 20(1) (A) CarlTon Ref No/Type Address/Proposal 20/0896/FUL (A) Castle Douglas 20/0480/FUL (A) Cally Mains Farm, Gatehouse Of Fleet, - Constructi­on of earth banked slurry lagoon - Constructi­on of PendanT lighT, Cuil Farm, Castle Douglas five arm, polished brass, complete with bulbs. £15.00 0782175007­8 plant 6ft high, very stylish. £25.00 0782175007­8 earth banked slurry lagoon TwisTed fir Want your event to get noticed? Save time... book online: Contact our entertainm­ents team now regions/scotland READ YOUR FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER EVERY DAY We are the helping hand WITHOUT HAVING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE of the Struggling to cope? news trade If you or someone you know has a news trade connection and is struggling to cope, we may be able to help. Financial Support Grants NewstrAid provides welfare support and advice to people in need who work or have worked in the sale and distributi­on of newspapers and magazines in the UK. TABLET EDITION State Benefits Support For Advice Disabled & Carers Help For Children Almoner Home Visits Free Helpline: 0800 917 8616 Debt Anxiety Support Advice FOR 60 DAYS FREE

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