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Staying Active In Isolation : 43 : 43

Staying Active In Isolation

43 www.gallowayne­ 09.07.2020 PALMERSTON PATTER Saturday draw, all for £1 per week. For an extra Ayr United ProgrAmme AVAilAble £1 per week those in the Deluxe draw have the chance If anyone is still looking for a copy of the Ayr United programme from the match postponed on 13th March at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, we have now added this to the online club sho to win £1,000 each month, £3,000 at Xmas and a new car at the end of each season. If you would like to be a member contact Dan Armstrong at the club for an Applicatio­n Form (01387 254853) and you could be WAtCH RAFFle that winner. We are currently offering supporters the chance to win a Queen of the South watch. These are very limited, with only 10 made. Each watch retailed at £2,000 and we have two up for grabs in our 100 square per watch raffle. Each square costs £20. QoS WeeKly PriZe drAW reSUltS Thu 2nd July £50 - 1328 William Martin, Dumfries £25 - 2316 Elizabeth Kerr, Penpont Fri 3rd July £50 - 1424 James Sturgeon, Dumfries £25 - 1148 Roger Moore, Dumfries In order to be in with a chance to win contact the club on 01387 254853 or and arrange to pay your entry. This can also be done online. You will be allocated a numbered space (1 – 100 for watch 1 and 101 – 200 for watch 2) and once we have sold all the squares we will announce our winners. Week 45 £500 - 3749 Lorna Waugh, Thornhill Sat 4th July (Agent – Blossom and Blooms) Mon 6th July £50 - 1065 Ross Campbell, Dumfries £25 - 2022 Scott Martin, Dumfries Tue 7th July £50 - 1040 F & M Paterson, Dumfries PriZe drAW And delUXe drAW £25 - 1078 C Cronie, Dumfries The weekly prize draw and Deluxe draw are continuing throughout the restrictio­ns. Members have the chance to win £50 or £25 each weekday and £500 in the Wed 8th July £50 - 4486 Maureen Fair, Dumfries £25 - 2843 V Routledge, Thornhill

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