The Galloway News : 2020-07-09

Puzzles : 45 : 1


1 www.gallowayne­ 09.07.2020 PUZZLES and get your brain in gear Take a break BROUGHT TO YOU BY Notes Notes BOX1: BOX4: BOX7: BOX10: Who wrote the novels Rebecca and Jamaica Inn? The popular tart made of pastry, jam and sponge is named after which Derbyshire town? A vaporetto is an Italian what? Who was the original presenter of the TV quiz Blockbuste­rs? Daphne du Maurier (G) Edith Wharton (D) Doris Lessing (J) Coffee machine (E) Scarf (O) Boat (I) Matlock (C) Wirksworth (K) Bakewell (S) Bob Holness (N) Tom O’Connor (B) William G Stewart (R) BOX8: Which animal’s name is derived from Greek words meaning ‘horse of the river’? BOX2: At which event would you be most likely to find a mosh pit? BOX5: Who released the single Ace of Spades in 1980? School assembly (P) Concert (H) Job interview (M) Heart (S) Motorhead (T) Roxy Music (Y) Hippopotam­us (A) Rhinoceros (E) Octopus (O) FREE MICHAEL STICH PICTURE BOX6: BOX9: Who partnered Michael Stich (pictured) in his 1992 Wimbledon men’s doubles victory? What is the name of the process by which leaves absorb light and carbon dioxide to produce food? home delivery! BOX3: In darts, what is the highest possible amount a player can score at each visit? PUZZLES FOR 30 JUNE 100 (U) 147 (E) 180 (O) Boris Becker (L) Goran Ivanisevic (X) John McEnroe (W) Transferen­ce (D) Ionisation (U) Photosynth­esis (N) Visit www.greatmagaz­

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